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Type of site Imageboard
Owner Kaguya
URL www.heyuri.net
Launched February 2019
NSFW? Varies

Heyuri.net is an imageboard created by lolico in 2019. It was originally hosted on the Heyuri.cf domain and meant to be a P2P filesharing website, but on November 24th 2019 it was relaunched in it's current form as an imageboard. May 25th marks "Heyuri Day", as it was the day when lolico finished his new software rollout, and Heyuri in its traditional sense truly began.

Heyuri has 3 main goals, to be a true "futaba clone", to encourage the creation of original content, and to provide a taste of older imageboard culture. As one user put it:

While our old site did have an undeniable "old internet" sentiment to it, and a userbase that bathed in nostalgia like a junkie bathes in opioids, it wasn't trying to emulate old 4chan specifically, as many assumed (and continue to assume) at first glance - at least, not beyond the fact it was an English-language Futaba-clone with an emphasis on anime and internet humor, as well as a couple of old 4chan-derived features that we liked (OK, maybe it was a little old-4chan inspired...)

While kuz once said:

We are NOT a oldfag circlejerk, of the same 5-10 recycled jokes from 15-x years ago. [..] In our eyes it is better to create something yourself that everyone can laugh at that than rehash a joke that you know for sure might get a kick out of a few.

Despite being a relatively small website, heyuri has an extremely complex, interesting, and layered culture. Due to rules which have cultivated a very small, tight knit community, the site is full of inside jokes and original content. See: Heyuri Culture



Not boards per se, but other areas of the site:

  • cgi.heyuri.net - Heyuri★CGI (houses CGI/Perl BBSes, chats, games, etc.)
    • /dating/ - Dating (2-shot chat)
    • /vote2/ - Polls (poll board)
    • /support/ - Support BBS (YY-BOARD)
    • /party2/ - @Party II (RPG game)
    • /hakoniwa2/ - Hakoniwa Islands 2 (island-development simulation game)
    • /banana/ - Web Banana (word association game)
    • /shiritori/ - Web Shiritori (shiritori game)
  • up.heyuri.net - 2ちゃん AKA Uploader (uploader boards)
    • Everything
    • Game Roms
    • Guro
    • News
    • User boards
  • wiki.heyuri.net - Heyuri Historical Society (you are here!)
  • mattari.heyuri.net - Mattari AA (Ayashii AA creation tool)
  • /aatester/ - Simple AA Tester (2ch-type AA creation tool)


  • /all/ - Overboard (overboard; displayed posts from all imageboards as if they were one HUEG board)
  • /a/ - Anime/Manga (imageboard; formerly titled Anime & Manga)
  • /amh/ - Anime, Manga, Hentai (imageboard)
  • /banner/ - Banners (imageboard; any images posted here would automatically become banners)
  • /c/ - Anime/Cute (imageboard)
  • /f/ - Flash (imageboard; took the form of an upload board at several points)
  • /g/ - lol dunno (/g/ was formerly something else before Games but there's no archives, somebody pls find and interrogate ask lolico what it was)
  • /g/ - Games (imageboard)
  • /g/ - Guro (imageboard)
  • /h/ - Hentai (imageboard)
  • /l/ - Lolicon (imageboard)
  • /meta/ - Site Discussion (imageboard)
  • /v/ - Video Games (imageboard)
  • /y/ - Yeah! (imageboard; based on Futaba's Soudane board and soudane function; the default name, subject, and comment were all "Yeah!")
  • /ascii/ - Ascii Art (2ch-style board)
  • /code/ - Programming (2ch-style board)
  • /haiku/ - Haikus (2ch-style board)
  • /prog/ - Programming (2ch-style board)
  • /world/ - World Politics (2ch-style board)
  • /vote/ - Polls (poll board, archived and replaced by /vote2/ on Heyuri★CGI)
  • booru.Heyuri.cf - Booru (booru)


Construction heyuri.png This page is under construction or broken...
Timeline of Heyuri (outdated)

As far as the records show, on December 26th, 2018, lolico registered heyuri.cf. Today Between January 2021–December 2021 (at which point kuz lost access to the heyuri.cf domain), heyuri.cf was reverted back to a static version of how booru-era Heyuri looked shortly after lolico created it, but the domain itself has been through a long history of seizures, back and forth ownership and redirects. Lolico originally created the site as a way to sharpen his PHP skills and play around with programming, something he was very new to at the time.

Very little to no interesting things happen during this period.

The Beginnings

Heyuri in its beginnings, as a booru-like filehosting service.

On 11 November, 2019, Heyuri enters a new phase of life. Spurred on by lolico's need to expand his PHP knowledge further he launches Heyuri as an imageboard, using his imageboard software; sakomoto. The imageboard itself is terribly slow just like other altchans during its time. It also does not have anything resembling modern heyuri, such as Rule 8, Tomo, or board culture. Fast forward to February 5th, and Kuz now visits Heyuri. It's during one of these visits that he makes heyuris first and largest Tomo thread. It is around this time that lolico announces that he is looking for a 2nd administrator.

Golden Era

golden era ss
6/620, or Oldfag Day, as declared by Ryogo Masaki.

kuz and lolico run the site as two, and the site increasingly garners attention. Kuz's following on 9chan tags along with him to Heyuri, and this leads to an influx of users, also known as the party /b/us. Namefags and posters alike begin posting on the site, and the PPH reaches well above 100 every day. Tons of OC is made, plans for a huge flash is made, and the overall feeling of the site is positive and optimistic. What could be the worst that could happen?


Kuz and Lolico start to argue like two clucking hens.

Akima makes the drama worse.

Arguments between Kuz and Lolico on Discord are posted to 3chan.

The long dark

When Heyuri is taken down, StrawberryHeaven replaces Heyuri for a time. Eventually, StrawberryHeaven is killed off and Heyuri returns.

Akima is defeated by Perl.


After Heyuri returns, the site begins to pick up speed and Fun Heyuri Community Activities happen again.