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k♡♡z wielding his mighty b&hammer
k♡♡z during Heyuri's "golden age", wielding his mighty b&hammer!

kuz, also known as k♡♡z, real name Yuri Kuznetsov[1] is a former administrator of Heyuri, and a long time contributor to the site. Joining the site in early 2020, he became the co-admin in May, and by June migrated Heyuri to his own servers.[2][3] Kuz is known for his unpredictable and eccentric behavior, something he is/was loved for on Heyuri. He created Rule 8[4] as well as several other important parts of Heyuri, he led the development of "Kokonotsuba", and revived Gurochan[5] and VidLii[6] in 2021 and 2022. Kuz also ran the Kolyma Network[7], a controversial[8] internet company that used to be based in Turkish Cyprus.

On April 25th, 2022, he stepped down as admin and gave his position to Kaguya[9], saying he had "less time" and "less motivation" but still believed Heyuri had huge potential and was his "favorite website",[9] but a later blogpost reveals that his reason for departure may be more complex.[10]


Personal Life

A picture of Kuz and his Wife, Nedelya Kuznetsova, which he posted to the 'party.

Kuz, born 1988, Omsk, USSR[11], currently lives in Memphis Tennessee, after exiling himself from Russia in 2014 over a dispute related to taxes.[12] He first married at the age of 16, though his first wife died 3 years into their marriage[13][14], he apparently remarried again in 2011[15], but divorced at a later, unknown date. Most recently, kuz married his 3rd wife, 21 year old Nedelya Kuznetsova[16], on August 20th, 2021. She has on occasion made public appearances on Gab[17], though her instagram account, which she previously advertised on her gab account has since been deleted for unkown reasons.

Outside the internet, little is known about kuz's day to day life, he served in the Russian Military[18] (see pictures below) and made several minor TV appearances in Omsk in the early 2000s, according to Bibliotheca Anonoma, which details kuz's life extensively. A large expose paper detailing kuz's "monopolization" of imageboards is also available, which provided many (unsourced) details about kuz.

Despite many criticisms of "decadent" western culture, kuz is a huge fan of Elvis Presley, judging by his VidLii channel and avatars on other websites.

Kuz wrote in 2021 "11 tips for good health", which suggested things such as abandoning fast food, wireless devices, all pills, videogames, and pornography (limit to once per month), kuz claims his various lifestyle changes have lead him to have exceptionally healthy skin.[19] He also (controversially) wrote about his distaste for the FOSS community and why he kept his software proprietary.[20]

Cvnka fanart

Cvnka is a Russian-American vtuber[21] who's gimmick is lovecraftian/eldritch horror. Kuz is/was apparently a fan of her and rumors of supposed interactions between the two are circulated but suppressed quickly on 9ch and other sites.

Several posts made their way to the western internet, which were rehashed by kuz's detractors, including faganon, who extensively documented their supposed interactions, suggesting they first met in 2015, which kuz claims is impossible.[22] Regardless of the validity, they have apparently interacted, as several screenshots of supposed conversations between them exist and occasionally make their rounds on websites where kuz's sexual interactions are commonly discussed (such as 9ch, soyjak.party). A megathread was held on 3chan about the topic but no conclusion was reached.

Its believed by some that Cvnka may be the unnamed "Polish Woman" whom kuz contracted HIV/AIDs from.

On Heyuri

Main article: Heyuri

Kuz is a important figure on the site, even after his resignation, as the vast majority of Heyuri's lifespan took place under his rule. As of yet, he has been the longest reigning admin, ruling for just over 2 years. Under his initial ownership Heyuris activity went up by 600%, peaking in July[23]. He asserts this is mostly because of him inviting tripfags from 9chan[24], although a wide variety of factors are likely contributing to this. During his ownership, Heyuri experienced its "golden age", a timespan which usually is thought to have lasted from May to August 2020. Shortly after this, due to a schism between him and lolico, Heyuri entered the dark ages.

Kuz first posted to Heyuri (at least publicly) on May 1st, 2020,[25] when he created the historic "tomo thread".

Kuz left Heyuri in 2022, and later wrote a blogpost titles "Reflections on Heyuri", where he reflected on Heyuri and his decision to leave. He expressed that he felt the users had grown away from him, which was partially the reason he left.[26]

"the real reason is more complex than I wrote on the newspost and on /q/. While yes, I did have less time, I also felt the userbase had lost a significant connection with me and my antics on other websites had caused some upset. I put alot into Heyuri, aside from countless hours working on development of the sites software, I also posted there heavily, being in the top 10 contributors, at least for a while. I oversaw personally the creation of almost everything on Heyuri, good and bad, even when lolico was still sharing the helm with me. Even today, I was 100% behind the creation of the newly relaunched Heyuri Historical Society, and my maintenance work generally goes unnoticed. While this applies to all the websites, it was especially true for Heyuri, and my lack of public appearances, which was mainly due to the fact I had nothing to say in public seemed to start a mindset among the users that I had grown disconnected or disinterested from the site."[27]

Since his departure, kuz has regularly clashed with users on various topics.[28] Kuz is still a touchy subject and mention of his name can occasionally spark huge debates due to his controversial behavior.[29]

On other websites


A picture of kuz at an event - S. Bibanon

9ch was a Russian textboard kuz used to own. Very little is known about it in the english world, see 9chan for more info.


On February 4th, 2022, KNN, a news aggregator website affiliated with kuz, announced that Kuz had bought VidLii.com.[30]

In kuz's typical, whimsical fashion, someone first suggested kuz buy Vidlii on Ayashii World, to which kuz replied "Thanks for the idea"[31], and literally hours later it was announced he had purchased the site, to the surprise of many users. The sudden purchase shocked and excited many, and plans were discussed.[32] Kuz stated he would utilize this for Heyuris benefit, although no Heyuri ads appeared until months later. Apparently this was because kuz wanted to quietely introduce a user banner system, then add Heyuri banners, however kaguya said "fuck that" and just put up a Heyuri video on the front page, which drew many new users to the site.

Kuz initially recieved alot of controversy after users discovered his anti-LGBT writings, but it was quickly suppressed, more controversy followed when a Kolyma-affiliated channel started uploading Russian Propaganda to the site, causing some users to leave "in support of ukraine", although for the most part no one cared, and no action was taken.

Kuz originally shared adminship of the website with lolwut, although kuz later stepped down.[33]


Kissu is a imageboard which is owned by one of kuz's many "public enemies", kuz's rivalry with its two owners were a source of embarrassment and downtime for Heyuri for many months until kuz's abdication.

Kissu and Heyuri regularly attacked eachother, with kuz alleging one of its owners, Oregonian Programmer "Robert Brown" was a pedophile and spammed "terabytes" of CP on his sites, while Brown said kuz was a "unstable psycho" who kidnapped and manipulated teenagers and forced them into coding bootcamps, and also that he had forced employees of his company to download spyware. None of the claims made by either are supported by concrete evidence, however both maintain their rivalry today.

The other owner of the site, 30 year old Kai Niccol-Griffith, is a /jp/ lolcow who kuz accuses of slandering him and maliciously ddos'ing his websites, while Kai claims kuz tried to use kissu to advertise his websites, Kai called kuz a "self obsessed creep" and kuz retorted saying Kai was "autistic" and suggested he had gynocomastia, as well as HIV/AIDs, which kuz himself is known to have.


Soyjak.party, more commonly known simply as the 'party or the 'sharty is an imageboard based around soyjaks. Kuz has an incredibly extensive history with the website including an attempt to purchase it in January 2022 that ultimately failed and many fights with its owner - "Soot". The topic is a hugely contentious issue and the resulting scandal contributed to kuz resigning later that year.

Soot later sold the site to kuz on July 14, 2022.


Gurochan is kuz's largest website, although it is currently owned by Kaguya, kuz revived it in early 2021.

Kuz first brought it back with co-admin "Straitjakit", whom now ranks among kuz's list of "defeated enemies". Straitjakit and Kuz ruled together for about 10 seconds (January 29th - February 13th) before kuz's abrasive personality and straitjakits down syndrome collided and kuz kicked him out, resulting in huge drama. Despite initial flak, the userbase gradually began to take kuz's side. Now pretty much everyone sides with kuz, as straitjakit is despised by most of the community.[34]

Kuz gave the website to Kaguya in June of 2021, although he still owns the domain and manages the backend.



Kuz maintains a Gab account,[35] as does his wife[36] and several other kolyma users, such as Kaguya[37] and Yuka.[38] Many kolyma users made kolyma accounts after kuz sent out a global message telling everyone to create an account.


This section is pulled from Bibliotheca Anonoma

Robert Brown, also known as Tokiko, is an American web developer and antifa supporter. He's the creator of the Multichan project, a decentralized, federated and anonymous textboard, a project which kuz was involved in. A summary of kuz's involvement is as follows

  • Tokiko was originally meant to be hired by KolymaNET to work on Kokonotsuba, but was removed.
  • kuz was initially a part of the Multichan project, which was hosted on multich.kuz.lol[39] as well as 0chan.vip,[40] bbs.4x13.net,[41] multichan.sageru.org,[42] ripirc.org[43] and some others.
  • According to kuz, in June 2021, Tokiko's computer broke and he contacted kuz and asked for help with repairing it, kuz said he refuses unless Tokiko agrees to do some work for him.
  • Tokiko took this as mockery, and publicly claimed that he's being scammed and abused by KolymaNET, and accuses KolymaNET of mass datamining and slave labour, and spreads a supposed doxx of kuz.[44][45]
  • On July 1st, KolymaNET issues an official statement written by kuz, in which he announces his withdrawl from the Multichan project and condemns it's creators.[46][47]
  • kuz accuses Tokiko and his accomplices of censorship, spamming CP on KolymaNET websites and warns people not to use Multichan.[48][49]
  • Tokiko gets placed in the NSS list of public enemies.[50]
  • ripirc.org gets placed in the NSS dangerous websites list.[51]
  • Multichan gets placed in the NSS list of dangerous websites, though it's entry is later rmeoved.[52]
  • A user on a KolymaNET imageboard puts up fliers in Tokiko's town calling him a pedophile.[53]
  • Multichan gets raided with pro kuz/anti Multichan threads.[54]
  • kuz posts on his personal blog that a Multichan admin is demanding him privately on discord to shut down KolymaNET.[55]
  • Tokiko makes a post calling kuz a cybercriminal and claiming that threatened him and tried forcing him to work for free.[56]
  • In September, kuz offers a 1000 USD rewards in exchange for Tokiko's home address.[57]
  • Tokiko's name is still listed on the NSS public enemies list, however the entry itself was expunged. At one point, Tokiko was listed as public enemy #1.[58][59][60]
  • multich.kuz.lol is changed to a single gif of Hatsune Miku dancing and saying "GO FUCK YOURSELF".[61]

Owned Websites

A timeline of kuz's owned websites, not including the dozens of vacant, kuz-owned parked domains (e.g. ru2ch.net). This list contains sites which were previously owned by kuz as well.

Name About Created URL Status
Mag-net Internet Service Provider 1999 kolyma.net Renamed to KolymaNET
9ch Russian Textboard, main topics include crime, current news, electronics, conspiracy theories, dark web, drugs, and lots and lots of pr0n 2005 Unknown, devyach.net (successor) Dead, successor website exists
KolymaNET Webhosting Company, multipurpose 2005 kolyma.org, kolyma.net Dead
Gurochan Bulletin Board 2005 guro.cx Revived by kuz in 2021. Owned by Kaguya.
Rychuvak Bitcoin trading 2010 Unknown Dead
Sosach Imageboard 2006, kuz co-admin in 2013 2ch.so Rebranded as 2ch.hk
VidLii Video sharing 2015 [1] Alive. Owned and operated by Lolwut.
Bitview Video sharing 2017 Bitview.net Alive. Sold to sks2002 and HWD in early 2023.
Heyuri.cf Booru, later imageboard, finally museum 2018 heyuri.cf Dead
9chan.moe 9channel successor site 2019 9chan.moe Dead
Kolyma.jp Server rental 2019 kolyma.jp Dead
Heyuri Imageboard 2020 heyuri.net Hosted by kuz, no longer owned
2upload File Uploader 2020 2ちゃん.net Moved to 2ch.cx
2ch.cx File Uploader 2020 2ch.cx Moved to 2ch.sh
2ch.sh File Uploader 2020 2ch.sh Alive. Owned by Kaguya.
bbs.kolyma.jp Bulletin Board 2020 bbs.kolyma.jp Dead / Briefly a Heyuri successor
Soyjak.party Imageboard 2020 Soyjak.party Alive
Strawberry Heaven Bulletin Board 2020 strawberryheaven.net Heyuri successor / Merged back into Heyuri.
CUMMED Gimmick Website, logs users faps 2020 cummed.kolyma.org Dead
Artika E-Newspaper 2020 artika.ml Split into Kuz.lol and KNN
KNN News website 2020 knn.jp.net Dead. Moved to Netmode.
Kuz's Blog Blog 2020 kuz.lol Moved to Netmode
Kereste Imageboard 2021 kereste.moe Alive. Given to Kaguya.
Dailytomo Gimmick Website 2021 dailytomo.fka.cx Dead
HeyuriDating Dating Website 2021 heyuri.net/dating/ Dead
E49 IP Address Market 2021 Unknown Assumed dead
SoyBooru Booru 2021 booru.soy Part of the soyjak.party acquisition. Is run by a second party.
Loli3 Porn Imageboard 2021 loli3.net Created and hosted by Kuz, later given to Kaguya
Gurochan (renewed) Porn Imageboard 2021 guro.cx Created and hosted by Kuz, later given to Kaguya
Gorechan Shock Site 2021 gorechan(...).onion Dead / Created and hosted by Kuz, later given to Kaguya
Strange World Bulletin Board 2021 ayashii.net Created and hosted by Kuz, later given to Kaguya
Krypto Payment Processor 2021 krypto.kolyma.org Broken
Devyach Textboard 2021 devyach.net Most boards currently locked or dead. Slated for shutdown.
Netmode News Aggregator 2022 netmode.ru Dead
Soyjaks.net Imageboard 2022 soyjaks.net Rebranded to soyak.party / Dead
Soyak.party Imageboard 2022 soyak.party Temporarily rebranded to Soyjaks.party
Kolyma Dating Dating Website 2022 dating.kolyma.net Dead
Temucin.ru Kuz's Blog 2023 temucin.ru Dead
Soyjak.earth PixelPlanet instance for soyjak.party 2023 soyjak.earth Dead



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