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k♡♡z wielding his mighty b&hammer
k♡♡z during Heyuri's "golden age", wielding his mighty b&hammer!

kuz, also known as k♡♡z is a former administrator of Heyuri, and a long time contributor to the site. Joining the site in early 2020, he became the co-admin in May, and by June migrated Heyuri to his own servers.[1][2] Kuz is known for his unpredictable and eccentric behavior, something he is/was loved for on Heyuri. He created Rule 8[3] as well as several other important parts of Heyuri, he led the development of "Kokonotsuba".

On April 25th, 2022, he stepped down as admin and gave his position to Kaguya[4], saying he had "less time" and "less motivation" but still believed Heyuri had huge potential and was his "favorite website",[4] but a later blogpost revealed that his reason for departure may be more complex[5]. As of April 2024, Kuz has no public presence on Heyuri, but it's rumored that he still assists Kaguya with the maintenance of Heyuri's servers and backend.

His Involvement

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Kuz was an important figure on the site, even for a long time after his resignation, as a large portion of Heyuri's foundational years took place under his rule. He was at Heyuri's helm for almost 2 years if you include the 3-month stint as co-admin in 2020. During that initial co-admin run with lolico, Heyuri's activity went up by 600% from what it was previously, peaking in July 2020[6]. He asserts this is mostly because of him inviting tripfags from 9chan[7], although a wide variety of factors also contributed to this. This time period was dubbed the "golden age of Heyuri"; a timespan which is usually said to have lasted from roughly May to August 2020. Towards the end of this period and immediately following it, a schism between kuz and lolico occurred that (along with various other factors) tore the site, its staff, and its users apart, and Heyuri entered what was later dubbed its "dark ages".

Kuz first posted to Heyuri (at least publicly) on May 1st, 2020,[8] when he created the historic "tomo thread". <-- kuz has claimed to have arrived earlier than this; this is probably just the earliest archived thread.

After more than a year of Heyuri's user activity failing to rise above rock bottom, claims that Kuz had been neglecting the site to focus on his other projects, and increasing user discontent towards Kuz's off-site activity and the direction he was attempting to move Heyuri in, Kuz stepped down as Heyuri admin in late April 2022. He later wrote a blogpost titles "Reflections on Heyuri", where he reflected on Heyuri and his decision to leave. He expressed that he felt the users had grown away from him, which was partially the reason he left.[9]

"the real reason is more complex than I wrote on the newspost and on /q/. While yes, I did have less time, I also felt the userbase had lost a significant connection with me and my antics on other websites had caused some upset. I put alot into Heyuri, aside from countless hours working on development of the sites software, I also posted there heavily, being in the top 10 contributors, at least for a while. I oversaw personally the creation of almost everything on Heyuri, good and bad, even when lolico was still sharing the helm with me. Even today, I was 100% behind the creation of the newly relaunched Heyuri Historical Society, and my maintenance work generally goes unnoticed. While this applies to all the websites, it was especially true for Heyuri, and my lack of public appearances, which was mainly due to the fact I had nothing to say in public seemed to start a mindset among the users that I had grown disconnected or disinterested from the site."[10]