Golden age of Heyuri

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The golden age of Heyuri was a period of great growth, prosperity, and LOLs during the summer of 2020.

Note: The "golden age" period was labeled as such during the period of low activity on StrawberryHeaven and Heyuri that followed the "golden age". It therefore doesn't take into account any later periods of prosperity on Heyuri that occurred, some of which equaled or even surpassed the "golden age" in terms of user activity and OC generation.

Start of the golden age

The golden age is generally agreed to have started towards the end of May/start of June 2020 thanks to the following:

  • lolico launching Heyuri 2.0 and replacing the old Sakomoto software (lolico's fork of Fikaba) with his new, nameless, and proprietary fork of FutabaWall[1]
  • lolico bringing kuz in as co-admin[1]
  • kuz inviting over a crowd of former 9chan users[2]
  • a general increase in userbase as more people from around the web discovered Heyuri[3]

The golden age itself

The golden age consisted of high post activity (around 210 PPD on average globally, with around 130 posts per day on average on /b/ alone) and much OC generation. Drama was rarely seen, with the staff and regular users being unfazed by the occasional party p00per, unwavering in their commitment to fun and LOLs. The words that comes to mind when thinking of Heyuri's golden age are unity, harmony, and shblblhjjj.

End of the golden age

The exact point at which the golden age ended has been debated:

  • Some say it ended with the sudden and very noticeable drop in activity in the final days of July/first days of August, which caused something of a panic/existential crisis amongst some of the staff and userbase
  • Others say it ended during August, when drama and faganon appearances started becoming regular occurrances, and the overall activity levels continued to not reach their previous heights
  • Most would agree it was definitely over by late August/early September, when drama and infighting amongst the staff (particularly between lolico and kuz) had spiralled out of control, kuz was "fired" (which did not please the userbase), the site was bombarded with lengthy and malicious spam attacks on a near-daily basis, and the site was eventually hacked and taken down entirely on September 6th ;_;