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Houraisan Kaguya

kaguya is the current admin of Heyuri. First being appointed by kuz as a mod, he assumed position of admin on April 25th, 2022 after kuz resigned. He has made several commitments to Heyuri since becoming Admin, such as organizing more events and inviting more users, the latter of which he has been most successful at.

Kaguya has been using Heyuri since August 2020, and he first joined Kuz as a Moderator on StrawberryHeaven, little is known about his prior history, though his KolymaNET wiki page listed his notable "Contributions in leadership fields" and several banners have appeared on Jump praising him. Despite his high rank in Kolyma before it closed up, he has advocated for de-kolymization on Heyuri.

Little else is known about kaguya besides the fact that he is from Turkey, and a guro fetishist. In 2021, kuz appointed him to be the administrator of several sites, notably Gurochan and Loliach, and in 2022 kuz transferred ownership of Heyuri to him, though it appears kuz still hosts the site.

According to recent polling conducted by the Heyuri Administration Approval Association, the majority of Heyuri users want to marry Kaguya. [1]