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A salaryman having a bad day on Strange World

Strange World is the English-language name for Ayashii World (あやしいわーるど), which is an internet-based culture and series of Japanese bulletin boards that began in 1996. On Heyuri however, the term is generally used to refer to their Strange bulletin board. Strange was created on March 29th, 2021, and uses a Japanese bulletin board script called KuzuhaScriptPHP+. When the board was initially launched, the script was only partially translated into English by kuz,[1] but another Heyuri user fully translated it into English on April 19th, 2021.[2][3]


Strange World, at its core, is a simple Japanese-style bulletin board. In the main display view, there is a post form at the top of the page, and the 40 most recent posts are shown below in chronological order; from most recent to least recent. There is no thread floating (bumping) or reply threading in the main view, but both can be seen by switching to Tree view and Thread view respectively.

Strange World also features kaomoji (顔文字) buttons that allow users to easily insert kaomoji into their posts, although some are more frequently used than others. This feature is unique to Strange, and is not found on any Japanese Ayashii World bulletin boards.


Many have noted[4][5][6] that Ayashii-style bulletin boards look and feel more like a Web Chat than a bulletin board[7], and Strange World is no different. The posts made to Strange World are typically short and irreverent, but long-winded discussions and debates are also common. It is generally advised by Heyuri staff and users alike that long posts should be preformatted by inserting line breaks appropriately (usually to keep within 70-80 characters per line), as had been the tradition on Ayashii World, Netnews (Usenet), and other earlier forms of computer communications.

Ayashii-style kaomoji and ASCII Art (AA) (both of which have historically been referred to by Japanese Ayashii World users as emoji (絵文字) and kaomoji) are commonplace, with the vast majority of posts featuring at least one kaomoji. The AA created by Strange World users is designed around the MS Gothic font (a monospaced Japanese font by Microsoft), and it will not appear correct with Western monospaced fonts or proportional Japanese fonts. Some users have difficulty displaying Strange World with the correct font.