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The banner of OTAKU islands.

OTAKU is a OTAKU alliance for islands related to anything JapaneseSmalljapaneseflag.jpg. The final goal of OTAKU is to make otaku culture come out FTW.

OTAKU does not recognize anything within the East Archipelago(PvE)

Membership Requirements

Entry to OTAKU is by invitation only, you can see the invited islands below. These are the conditions to get invited

If you are invited, simply put [OTAKU] in your island's comment and you're in the alliance.

The flag of Iopsd Island.
Flag/Mon of the OS-tan Shogunate
Chrono Island's beautifully designed flag.
Baka ice fairy Island's flag.
Banner of the Analogue Dynasty Island


Former Members

Gaijin Otaku Pact

These islands are members of the Gaijin Otaku Pact, a branch of OTAKU for non-Japanese islands.

Islands welcome to OTAKU

  • Nyu Island
  • Meido Island
  • nekomimi Island


On turn 20 something, OTAKU was made when PC98 wanted to form a alliance with DESU and Gensokyo because they all are related to Otakuism. DESU agreed and OTAKU was formed with PC98 but Gensokyo didn't join.

  • Suiseiseki island joined OTAKU probably around turn 40. Souseiseki island also joined OTAKU later but was actually owned by someone who had another island(likely Suiseiseki) so it vanished.
  • Suiseiseki Island left OTAKU on turn 174; however relations remained strong between them and OTAKU.
  • As a result of HAPI and OTAKU military cooperation in the Pen war, the People's Republic of Shotacon joined OTAKU.
  • On turn 223, Gensokyo joined OTAKU. On turn 326, the new Hachikuji Island joined OTAKU.
  • The LS of Shotacon and DESU left OTAKU on turn 370~.
  • After the fall of PC98 Island and Hachikuji Island, the remaining government formed new islands, both of which joined OTAKU immediately after their creation. Shinobu Island joined OTAKU on turn 502, The OS-tan Shoganate Island on turn 506, and Chrono Island(Reincarnated Upchuck Island, which was not a former OTAKU member) on turn 504.
  • miku Island joined OTAKU on turn 512.
  • On turn 515, Iopsd Island joined OTAKU, finally making their friendship with the OS-tan Shogunate(reincarnated PC98 Island) official, bringing much joy and partying and most importantly, sekkusu.
  • Tsubotsubu Island joined OTAKU on turn 583
  • Analogue Dynasty Island joined OTAKU on turn 628.
  • Lolistan Island joined OTAKU on turn 633
  • On turn 691, Gensokyo was removed from OTAKU as it was clear they were loyal to the dishonorable HAPI gaijins
  • Turn 712: Tsubotsubo Island was abandoned and became an uninhabited island



Sometime on about turn 100, Suiseiseki started firing missiles to ANNARU SEKKUSU island and afterwards PC98 did the same which completely destroyed all of ANNARU SEKKUSU. this started a riot over bombing a innocent island and almost started a huge war with OTAKU and HAPI, also DESU left OTAKU over this but rejoined 40 turns later. Suiseiseki started to send missiles to Milf island so Milf island joined HAPI and HAPI declared a war that no one was bombed in because Suiseiseki surrendered immediately, but this incident would lead to the Great Upchuckian War. Suiseiseki paid ANNARU SEKKUSU 1100M$ and PC98 paid them 100M$ and 20k t of food to make up for what ANNARU SEKKUSU lost. despite this, ANNARU SEKKUSU would do a ambush on PC98 on about turn 120 and PC98 declared a war so it started the OTAKU-ANNARU WAR!. PC98 was goatsed and ANNARU SEKKUSU got even more destroyed because PC98 was helped by Suiseiseki. OTAKU and ANNARU SEKKUSU would agree to peace on turn 128 and ANNARU SEKKUSU had to pay 600M$ to Suiseiseki and PC98 each because of their sneaky attack. pen island also fired one missile and it hit a missile base at PC98 but PC98 didn't do anything because peace came the next turn.

Pen War

On turn 192, Pen island sent an ultimatum to DESU island, demanding they leave either HAPI or OTAKU. When DESU ignored the demand, Pen island sent a mechanora on turn 195. OTAKU and HAPI would cooperate to defeat Pen island, sinking Pen on turn 210 but with great damage to HAPI and OTAKU.

For more information, see The Pen War

Weezite War

On turn 464, PC98 declared war on Weezite Island in collaboration with Hachikuji and Clover Island, with the goal of making Weezite Island a colony to Hachikuji and Clover. This cooperation with Clover Island led to them becoming a member of the Gaijin Otaku Pact. The war ended with no change, other than Weezite Island being bombed, and ended on turn 469 because OTAKU had bigger things on it's plate.

HAPI-Coalition War

On turn 472, the War of the First Coalition started when PC98 Island launched a monolith into Suigintou Island, and Hachikuji Island and G Island launched a missile attack on Chuu Island. The war started off in the Coalition's(AGGRO and OTAKU) favor, but the tide of war soon changed in HAPI's favor after many mistakes, and some overuse of HIA powers. Gensokyo Island, although a member of OTAKU, would fight alongside HAPI. A false surrender was sent to HAPI from OTAKU, but this was apart of the keikoku for Operation Last Stand, which would be a last attempt to win the war. After Pen Island refused to take part in the organized plan, and some HAPI members did not respect the peace, the Coalition launched a final attack for the cause of doing as much damage to HAPI as possible, now that total victory was impossible. There was significant damage to HAPI, but the war resulted in a temporary HAPI victory. After losing all their missile bases, Hachikuji Island demanded to be granted an honorable death, of which they received. After PC98 Island lost all their missile bases, they began to ground level their cities to commit island seppuku, before abandoning the island due to lack of funds to continue ground leveling, and HAPI would not fire upon them.

Soylent War

On turn 574, Shinobu Island, Iopsd Island, Chrono Island, and the OS-tan Shogunate declared war on, and completely raeped soylent Island in response to soylent's attacks on the young OS-tan Shogunate and Shinobu islands on turn 507 and 508. When soylent Island returned from afk, he noticed his island had been punished for it's crimes and ran to anonwaha to tug on his dress and cry. anonwaha would tell him that everthing would be okay if he joined HAPI, and kissed him on his forehead. soylent Island would shamefully surrender and pay the OS-tan Shogunate and Shinobu Island reparations, and joined HAPI in hopes that it will protect them. The war would end on turn 578, with soylent never firing a shot off.

War of the Second Coalition

On turn 686, the bell rang for attack. The attack on HAPI which had taken much planning was launched, and surprise was acheived. The message went out, "Tora, Tora, Tora!". Although the first turn of the attack was rather anti-climactic, as HAPI defenses stopped nearly half the attack, the second turn of the war already decided the winner, OTAKU. Actually, it was the third turn of the war, since in desperation anonwaha created another archipelago and sent all of the OTAKU and Coalition islands to it, to stop himself from being RAEP'd. The people would shit on anonwaha though, making their voice heard, so he had no choice but to release the samurai back into the archipelago, allowing for the near total destruction of the dishonorable HAPI. After 2 turns, anonwaha would cheat again, surprising everyone!. He made two archipelagos, one for peace, and one for war, all to keep himself and his fuckmates from being sunk. He restored the health of the HAPI islands on the peace archipelago with his moderation p0wers, and sucked his mother's pussy while he was at it too!

The Dishonorable Gaijins, taking hueg raep after only 3 turns of war!

BPI: Blacklist of Prick Islands

The BPI is a list of islands who have:

  • Made attacks on islands with no prior Declaration of War
  • Made attacks on islands unprovoked with no justification
  • Made attacks unprovoked on an island much smaller than themselves(for example, an island 10 places lower than the attacker on the leaderboard)
  • Sent aid to the BPI-Listed island, in attempt to assist them in their military effort

Islands can only declare war on BPI Listed islands if they are deemed too dangerous to be kept alive, this decision will be made by an OTAKU member. Until that point, they are placed on an international embargo

The Punishments for crimes of these islands are on the Leaders of islands, and not necessarily the island itself

This list is managed by OTAKU members only

Current BPI-Listed Islands

  • Chuu Island (Disrupting lulz and natural justice)
  • Suigintou Island (Disrupting lulz and natural justice)
  • Shotacon Island (Disrupting lulz and natural justice)

Former BPI-Listed Islands

Also None