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Homestuck island Island is the gayest Island in the Archipelago, with their main export being anal sex and loving yaoi. It is inhabited by strange white and grey creatures. whom are often lacking in arms.


Very cool island

Their propaganda department is all powerful, shipping out massive amounts of highly entertaining web comics, much to the delight of all islanders, except Columbine (Now ded) Due to their efforts, they enjoy close relations with Iopsd Island, aswell as being a member in some capacity of OTAKU through the Gaijin Otaku Pact (Gay Anal Sex)

In defense of being added to the HAPI BAI list

[Of_Columbine_Island|Columbine island] [Shooting|bombed me randomly] and I never forgave him. His sins carry onto [FOOKEN_FURY|FOOKEN ISLAND] or whatever the name of it is. I bombed him twice, once for homestuck, and once for gay anal sex. I even warned everybody I was going to do it ahead of time. "Gay anal sex on turn 550" you can quote me on that one. I personally don't think that was unprovoked or unjustified because he bombed me to get onto that list. and even then he bombed me because he has a secret love of gay anal sex and I told everybody about it. HAPI has a misunderstanding of our love/hate relationship between me and the owner of fooken island and I think we should be removed off the list because we frequently have passionate make-up sex after we bomb each other islands.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LIES (This edit right here is proof that we do in fact have gay sex, it's just that he doesn't want you guys to know about it and is trying to cover up the fact that he is also the bottom 95% of the time)


STOP EDITING MY SHIT, PUNK ASS, I AM MANLY, AND I AM NOT CROSSPLAYING AS MIKU AS I SPEAK. Perthlord <- is this who you're talking about? the wiki page says you are indeed the biggest faggot on heyuri and you're going to sleep with me every night till you remember it baby :) plus manly men don't even know who this "hatsune miku" is so it's also ok to be a little girly and enjoy this "vocaloid" thing. I love you just the way you are travis :) now come back here and spread those ass cheeks.

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