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Shotacon Island, formerly known as the Lolislamic State of Shotacon Island, is an island in the Heyuri Archipelago. They are a member of HAPI, and are a major power in island politics. As a former joint member of both OTAKU and HAPI, they have experienced much turmoil and fortune in their existence. They are against wanton conquest of smaller islands, and will defend their allies in time of need, even if means they get raped in the process. They are an observer of the PFA.


The beginning of the island's history dates back to Turn 243, when the dying People's Republic of Shotacon Island was taking its last breaths into the world. It had been wrought with many disasters to count, and cursed Hakoniwa Kamisama for this misfortune. In spite, they converted to Lolislam, a foreign religion that had made its way into the public knowledge thanks to scriptures imported from the late Loli Island. Stranded and alone, the government in exile was unsure where to turn, until a mariner alerted the Supreme Leader of a seemingly vacant isle off the shore only a few kilometers away. They called it the Isle of New Shotacon, after the capital city of the last island (shotacons are not very creative people). Upon reaching the Isle of Shotas, the Operation Insemination was commenced. The mission was to settle the island with as many ojisans as possible. What they didn't expect to find was a native population of shotas, who outnumbered them 3:1. Fortunately, although the shotas did not speak their language, they were able to determine they were in fact a peaceful people. Naturally, the ojisans proceeded to raep and pillage them for a few turns before they were met with resistance. War between the ojisans and shotas waged until the two came to a truce; the shotas would be enrolled in school and receive allowance from the ojisans in exchange for living with them and giving free sekkusu.

To encourage a sense of spirituality, Lolislam was instated as state religion to the previously godless shota population. Unrest quietly grew toward the new religion, which demanded they fap exclusively to lolis five times a day. This went against their core beliefs of anal sex, but they were too much of pussies to do anything about it.

On Turn 322, the island signed and ratified the temporary Christmas Truce Agreement, until it expired on Turn 414. During Turn 359, they experienced a schism with OTAKU due to perceived incursions on their right to make alliances with smaller islands. On Turn 473, admist the ongoing chaos of war and strife plaguing the archipelago, the shotas and shotacons had enough. With the covert help of HIA funds, they overthrew the theocratic head of state and reinstalled him back where he was when they realized that no one else wanted to take the job of executive office. And so, the head of state was allowed to keep his position, but not before telling him that he couldn't call himself a Sultan anymore on account of the abolishment of Lolislam as a mandated state religion. Yakuruto was mildly infuriated by this, but couldn't be arsed to do anything about it. And so the Third Democratic Republic of Shotacon was born, but ain't nobody gonna say all dat shit, so they just called it Shotacon Island.


Shotacon Island played a key role in the War of the First Coalition. 'Nuff said.


When it was known as the Lolislamic State of Shotacon Island, it was a very religious island, and at on point, the only island with a Lolislamic majority demographic(98%), and also the only island with a shota majority(96%). Numerous attacks have occurred against those on the island that still worship Hakinawa Kamisama, but these actions have been condemned by the shotacon government. Since suffering some backlash from the international community, the government has pulled back on their open religious zealotry. After the coup and subsequent restoration of the government, Lolislam was abandoned as a state religion and the lolislamists have since fled the country out of fear of persecution . The lolis have stayed, and make up approximately 5% of the total population. Unlike shotas or ojisans, they are not granted full rights as citizens. After the abandonment of Milf Island, many milfs also made their way to the island's shores as refugees and have been integrated into society with full citizenship rights.
Below is a chart estimating the demographics of the population:


"Politics is for faggets!"' -Anonymous
In the past, Shotacon Island has been a very religious island that prioritized its religion spreading to the rest of the archipelago and held it above all else when it came to relations. Even going so far as to mock other islands for practicing different beliefs. Nowadays, they don't give a shit, though.


When it was known as the LS of Shotacon, it was more a militaristic nation that was itching to get a fight in with any potential islands. Since the war and abolishing of the theocracy, they have been humbled and no longer consider war or religion a priority in international relations.

Approval Ratings

As with any island, Shotacon has a ratings list because we're cool (+0 indicates a neutral stance):

(This list only includes islands Shotacon Island has interacted with, please leave any complaints at the door)

  • Suigintou Island +4
  • Chuu Island: +4
  • People's Rep. of Makkudonarudo Island: +4
  • Iopsd Island: +3
  • Gensokyo Island: +3
  • 1129 Cows Island: +2
  • nekomimi Island: +2
  • Clover Island: +2
  • Nau Heaven Island: +2
  • Republic of Nan Island: +2
  • Jiyulando Island: +1
  • Dnalsi Island: +1
  • Hachikuji Island: +1
  • ZOMG Island: +1
  • The 2nd Lolislamic Caliphate Island: +1
  • :P Island: +1
  • Parch Moon Island: +0
  • Naked Apron Island: -1
  • Imperium PC98 大PC98帝國 Island: -3
  • G Island: -4
  • Rooting Island: -4
  • Pen Island: -4

Past enemies

Currently, its main rival is PC98 Island, formerly allied to them through the OTAKU alliance due to a pragmatic need to combat pen Island's aggression. On Turn 359, Shotacon left OTAKU, citing competition over non-aligned islands and the installment of a military coup over PC98's leadership as the catalyst for this decision. Relations were normalized again after the restoration of Rex de PC98 to the throne, but to this day, the Shotacon government has remained wary of PC98 ever since and considers them a threat to their influence over the archipelago. In a recent survey, 78% of shotas held a negative view on PC98. On January 2nd, Shotacon asserted why it did considered PC98 an enemy and rival, resulting in a brief spat between both islands.

As of January 6th, Shotacon and OTAKU relations have stabilized after negotiations went public. The truce offer for both parties is currently on hold.

Private peace talks between Tachi and Yakuruto.