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The Flag of PC98 Island
The Flag of PC98 flown during Wartime




PC98 Island, officially Imperium PC98 大PC98帝國 Island since turn 469, is a island in the Heyuri Archipelago. They are a member of OTAKU and a deeply religious island, having many worship centers to Hakoniwa Kamisama. PC98 Island's biggest export is ecchi, followed by visual novels and the biggest import is Timotei shampoo


On turn sometime between 14-18, PC98 was founded by Rex de PC98 and his Otaku voyagers with him. PC98 would form OTAKU as a defensive/offensive alliance shortly after with DESU island.


PC98 has fought several wars, the OTAKU-ANNARU War, The Pen War, and the Weezite War


PC98 fought along Suiseiseki island against ANNARU SEKKUSU island in the OTAKU-ANNARU War and achieved WIN, but in the long run PC98 lost a lot of progress and did not recover until the Pen War

Pen War

PC98 played a leading role in the defeat of Pen Island in the Pen War and remained relatively unscathed, unlike their ally DESU. As a result of the Pen War, PC98 came out on top of the leaderboard almost doubled their population, and became a island superpower again but at the cost of their level 4 and level 3 missile bases which was Pen Island's biggest WIN over PC98

Weezite War

On turn 464, PC98 Island declared war on Weezite Island, after Weezite refused PC98 Island's offer to become a PC98 colony, and taunted PC98 dishonorably. Before the war, PC98's original goal was to have Weezite as a food colony to meet the demands of their booming population, however this goal changed shortly after as PC98 Island found another source of food on another island. The new plan, which was created in collaboration with Clover Island and Hachikuji Island, was to have Weezite be a colony island to both Clover and Hachikuji. This collaboration led to Clover Island joining the Gaijin Otaku Pact and improving relations with PC98 Island. The conflict ended on turn 469 when bigger problems, like the leakage of classified military information by anonwaha, thanks to a shitty tripcode password by pen man.

The War of the First Coalition

War against HAPI from 472-Ongoing. PC98 Island commited island seppuku on turn 506 after ground leveling the cities as suicide, and then abandoning with what was left

OS-tan Government

From Turn 300~ -369, The OS-tan Government took control of PC98 Island's governing body as a result of Rex de PC98 going on paid-leave after his failed hari kari due to a list of disasters and mistakes. This resulted in Me-tan de PC98 becoming the Prime Minister(instead of the more traditional king), and having every governing position occupied with OS-tans, forming an oligarchy. The OS-tan government was commonly referred to as violent and unhinged by foreign diplomats and representatives. Upon Rex de PC98's return, the OS-tan was ousted and their government replaced by the traditional monarchy. The OS-tans were exiled to [REDACTED] at [REDACTED]


PC98 is a island that is home to only NEETs and alive PCs. The NEETs are barricaded in factories and mines that generate funds off of making visual novels, ecchi, and playing Touhou. Food is printed from the PCs and tastes horrible, so seawater is a popular dressing here. Refugees to the island go through "NEET training" which is just forcing them to NEET away in the factories.


PC98 is allied with Gensokyo Island and Hachikuji island through OTAKU, and is allied with Clover Island and Woodstock Island through the Gaijin Otaku Pact. Until about turn 370~, PC98 was allied with DESU and The Lolislamic State of Shotacon. No one knows why DESU unaligned, and the LS of Shotacon left because they wanted all the smaller islands to ally with themselves, and have no other friends, also religious and political(read OS-tan Government) disagreements.

Here is view of PC98's public opinion of the other islands in the Archipelago. -4 being lowest, +4 being highest, and 0 being nobody cares.