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Dnalsi is an Island in the Heyuri Archipelago. Dnalsi is notable as one of the few islands not affiliated with any sort of alliance such as HAPI, OTAKU, AGGRO, or others and is a testament to the power of staying out of everyone's way while they blow each other to bits (until an unfortunate military engagement around turn 200). Having held the number 1 rank in island population on numerous occasions, Dnalsi is a thriving island known primarily for its export of strawberry jam. While the island has faced heartbreak in the form of disasters such as ravaging by inoras, giant meteorites, and jealous rivals, Dnalsi always seems to bounce back to reclaim its former glory.

The post-war flag of the great nation of Dnalsi.

War with Suiseiseki

During the Turmoil of Turn 200, Dnalsi Island suffered greatly at the hands of a surprise barrage by Suiseiseki Island, who snatched the 200-turn cup after knocking Dnalsi from the #1 spot. Dnalsi Island was dragged into a costly war that saw its population reduced to almost a quarter. The attack was executed so that each missile would destroy Dnalsi's cities, and funnel the population as refugees to Suiseiseki, closing what had been an almost 100,000 gap in population between the #1 and #2 ranked islands. The attacker Suiseiseki initially attributed these attacks to a targeting error by some miscalibrated dolls (akin to the accidental missile attack on Dnalsi by ANARRU SEKKUSU Island in the turns preceding) but as their continued attacks would prove, this was an absolutely intentional act of aggression. When the 200-turn cup was calculated on turn 200, Suiseiseki had taken the #1 position with a lead of fewer than 10,000 citizens, meaning if even one more of the missiles failed to strike the target, Suiseiseki may not have gained the lead in time and would have failed to steal the cup. Subsequently, Suiseiseki would take heavy losses from Dnalsi's ensuing counterattacks, though the two eventually reached a ceasefire mediated by other islands in the archipelago.

Ceasefire & reparations

The conditions of the ceasefire included a monetary reparation of 3785M$ to be paid to Dnalsi island, and an additional 1000M$ each to Dnalsi and Secret island on the condition that they do not attack Suiseiseki until the payments can be completed. Opinion on Dnalsi island initially leaned toward rejecting this offer on the basis that Suiseiseki had to pay for his actions and not simply get off with a fine. However some islands strongly objected to the obliteration of another island and Dnalsi was convinced to cease all offensive operations.

As turn 300 drew closer and Suiseiseki had rebuilt significantly, the new top ranking island DESU Island expressed anxieties that Suiseiseki could attempt the same gambit of stealing the 300-turn cup by relentlessly bombing the highest pop island. Suiseiseki had yet to pay back any of the pledged reparations to Dnalsi island at this point and could certainly have wreaked havoc on other islands with the resources they had accumulated. DESU Island, sensing that at this point Suiseiseki had no intention of paying reparations, began a preemptive bombardment against Suiseiseki to remove their capacity to interfere with the 300-turn cup. This had the secondary effect of funneling much of Suiseiseki's population straight to DESU island in the form of refugees, further increasing their population lead in the race for the cup. Many other islands including Dnalsi island joined in the bloodbath and soon enough Suiseiseki was sunk to the bottom of the ocean, with only a few dolls said to have survived on shoddy rafts.


Dnalsi has recovered from the wars and currently thrives as one of the larger islands. The strawberry fields were replanted and the jam industry has never been more successful.