Suigintou Island

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DESU island's flag

DESU Island is a island in the Heyuri Archipelago. They are members of OTAKU and HAPI


DESU Island's population is comprised of a Jissouseki slave class, ruled by a Suiseiseki queen. Jissousekis work in Yakult factories all day, and when their expiration date arrives, they become tasty Yakult themselves! It is predicted that Suiseiseki Island was founded by escapee Suiseisekis who didn't want to participate in this system.


Founded on turn 17, DESU Island witnessed the birth of both OTAKU and HAPI, and decided to join both.

Once a peaceful island that was only interested in creating the coolest layout in all of the archipelago, it all changed during the first Upchuckian war when they grew rather fond of their missile launchers. After TOTALLY PWNING Upchuck Island, a period of peace began. Sadly, Upchuck Island refugees founded Newchuck Island, which DESU Island also PWND! Total DESU DOMINATION desu~!

DESU Island's best friends are PC98 Island, People's Republic of Shotacon Island, Iopsd Island and Chuu Island.

The last thing Upchuckians saw