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Chuu Island flag
Chuu Island's national flag. Mwah!

Chuu Island is one of the islands that make up the Heyuri Archipelago, and the creator of HAPI. The island is led by anonwaha, who is also the former leader of Waha Island. All native Chuu Island residents descend from the Waha people, and follow many of the same beliefs and traditions.


Waha Island

In the beginning (turn 1), there were two known islands in the Heyuri Archipelago; Waha Island and Loli Island. On turn 2, before Waha Island could even get their bearings, Loli Island committed a missile attack against Waha Island; an act which is known today as Teh First Sin. Waha Island's citizens planned to retaliate once their situation had stabilized, but before they could do so, they realized the land on which they stood had been cursed by Hakoniwa Kamisama for being the 0th island.

Major restructuring and assistance from the HIA was needed to avoid being eternally doomed by this 0th's curse, however their attempts would prove unsuccessful. Naively believing that the HIA had released them from the curse by simply painting over the "0"s with "6"s, the Waha people carried on with their island developments. However, once the true 6th island was discovered, Waha Island immediately vanished without a trace. Today, Jiyulando Island occupies Waha Island's former location.

A new beginning

Upon Waha Island's sudden disappearance, anonwaha and a thousand other former Waha residents were left with nothing but a few ships and a scarce amount of resources. They sailed the harsh Heyurian seas to find new land, but many of the islands they came across were too small and uninhabitable to live on. Eventually, they discovered the 14th island of the Heyuri Archipelago, which had plenty of rich, fertile land. The former Waha residents established this island as their new home, and dubbed it "Chuu Island".

Official flag of HAPI.

Formation of HAPI and BAI

Being more aware of the dangers and struggles of Hakoniwa life than most, the residents of Chuu Island proposed a peace treaty to the other islands of the Heyuri Archipelago. It was named the Heyuri Archipelago Peace Initiative (HAPI for short), and sought to "cultivate a community culture of cooperation, and to discourage dastardly destruction and douchebaggery" (Chuu Island representative, turn 31). Several islands were quick to join, while other islands misunderstood it's intent or felt threatened by it, some forming their own alternative alliances instead.

Along with this proposed treaty was another proposal from Chuu Island; the Blacklist of Asshole Islands (BAI for short). This blacklist would contain the islands that HAPI members deemed to be criminals, and were therefore ineligible to join HAPI and receive HAPI assistance.


Chuu Island is made up of a diverse range of people. Some of the groups known to be living in large numbers on Chuu Island are otaku, lolicon, shotacon, nijikon, 3D lovers, JK lovers, MILF lovers, idol lovers, trap/otokonoko lovers, and more. Due to this vibrant—yet peaceful—mix of different groups who are all protected by Chuu Island's laws and institutions, many residents of other islands visit Chuu Island for sex tourism purposes. ヽ(´ー`)ノ


In general, Chuu Island is a peaceful nation that prefers to resolve issues nonviolently, although they recognize that this is not always possible. They have an earnest desire to help those who are in need, but they will not hesitate to defend themselves when attacked. Chuu Island has many strong connections with other nations, many of whom have provide assistance to Chuu Island (and vice versa). Chuu Island's residents are extremely grateful for any assistance they receive, and will often provide benefits to those who assist them (including but not limited to buttsecks).

Chuu Island's commitment to peace and friendship has not always been easy for them however. Some islands are born to RAGE, and have been made irrationally angry by Chuu Island's nature and beliefs. Attacks against Chuu Island have rarely worked out in the attacker's favor however, and more often than not has led to near-total destruction dealt by the hands of Chuu Island's wonderful allies.