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Pen0z.png This page is about PENIS

Shotacon (shota complex) is a Japanese term that describes people who have romantic feelings towards shota (young/cute boys). It is the male equivalent of lolicon. Westerners sometimes refer to shota pr0n itself as shotacon, but this is because they are teh st00pid.

Most shotacon are female, but many shotacon are male too. Some shotacon prefer straight shota (shota having romantic encounters with loli, oneesan, and mamas—known as lolishota, oneshota, and mamashota respectively), while others prefer BL (boy's love; shota having romantic encounters with other shota, oniisan, and papas). Many shotacon also have an interest in otokonoko (lit. "male girl"), who are boys with the appearance, clothing, and/or mannerisms of a girl.

One thing is for certain: all shotacon liek PENIS.

Many people express that they haet shota and shotacon, but this is because they don't give it a chance (for fear of being called a pedophile or a homo), or they're simply too blind to perceive the infinite romantic and erotic possibilities of shota.