Nigrajungle Island

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Flag of nigrajungle island

The coolest weed

nigra is home to the blackest Africans (Jamaicans) (Jamaicanmecrazy) on the Hakoniwa Archipelago. They're known for exporting massive amounts of high quality ganga 'erb, for it is a healthy 'erb, it comes from da Eart. Nigra's largest trading partners are Chuu island, Iopsd Island, Canada, Denmark, Europe but as an island, China and the Independent Kingdom of Detroit. They are the envy of all islands on the Archipelago and renowned for their cultural accomplishments.

Examples of nigra excellence <--- darkest nigrachief's favourite song <--- darkestnigra chief's hot new personal release, take a nice long listen <--- pionered the Nigra way of being a hustla and smoking crack

Islands in the hood

Exports fried chicken to Nigra island 10/10

  • OS-tan Shogunate Island

Nigra island enjoys close relations by exporting coolish weed and importing Afro Samurai anime.

  • fuckd island

He a real one

  • Dnalsi island

Rich pimpin lots of hoes out to all the nigras (send money and nudes plx)

  • Viper Island

Hustling all you nigras Nigra.gif