OS-tan Shogunate Island

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Flag/Mon of the OS-tan Shogunate
OS-Tan Shogunate Island

OS-tan Bakufu Shima(romanized)

Formation: Turn 506 AD
Religion: Hakoniwa Kamisaman Shinto
Government: Shogunate
Anthem: http://up.heyuri.net/src/3190.mp3
The Shogun of the OS-tan Shogunate Island,
Windows 2000-tan

The OS-Tan Shogunate Island, or OS-たん幕府島, is a military state ruled by the OS-tan Government. They are a member of OTAKUSmalljapaneseflag.jpg, and almost a commercial state about timotei shampoo. The OS-Tan's biggest export is MEIDO


The OS-tan Shogunate is ruled by a military state under one shogun, along with several other positions;

Windows 2000-tan

Windows 2000-tan is the Shogun(Shoguness?) of the island. She is smart and efficient, along with being sexually intriguing. Because of this, the latter especially, she has the final say in all decisions and all answer to her.

Windows 95-tan

Windows 95-tan is the commander of all military forces and an experienced warrior herself. She is a traditional lady, however because of this the military lacks up to date equipment and is installed with outdated tactics.

Windows 3.1-tan

Windows 3.1-tan is the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the island, whom is the messenger and diplomat with all islands in contact. She is never seen without her cat, DOS cat, who she loves dearly and cannot live without.

Windows XP-tan

Windows XP-tan is the Minister of the Interior. Being in charge of logistics, she is gluttonous and constantly eating, but in return has very large OPPAI.

meido? ARU!
Flag of the OS-tan Shogunate Army


The OS-Tan Shogunate was founded on turn 506, shortly after the abandonment and fall of the Empire of PC98 Systems the same turn.

The OS-tan Government was installed as the de facto authority of PC98 Island on turn 301, but was exiled after the restoration of the Imperial Government under Rex de PC98 on turn 369. The OS-tans escaped exile shortly before PC98 Island was abandoned in the
War of the First Coalition, and settled upon another island, inheriting PC98 Island's wealth, properties, and status in the process, although the Imperial Government is in exile on the island.

The Soylent War

On turn 507 and 508, Soylent Island sent attacks to the very young Islands of Shinobu Island and the OS-tan Shogunate Island. Being too weak to send a proper counter-attack, OTAKU chose not to act for the time. On turn 573, the OS-tan Shogunate would declare war and on turn 574, Iopsd Island, Chrono Island, Shinobu Island, and the OS-tan Shogunate fired upon soylent Island, completely destroying it's military capabilities in the first turn. OTAKU would completely RAEP the island, as soylent Island was unaware of the attacks until 3 turns into the war. soylent Island attempted to join HAPI and receive AIDS, but to no avail as they were guilty of bombing the newborn islands some 70 turns earlier. Chuu Island would disrupt the RAEPage, begging soylent to pay for their crimes with money to clear their slate so they could join HAPI. After some extra RAEPage, soylent Island became a member of HAPI, and Chuu Island stated that any further attacks against them would be a attack on all of HAPI. The war ended on turn 578 when soylent was humiliated by sending funds and bowing their heads to their superiors: OTAKU.

The HAPI War

95-tan proved herself a warrior with her participation in the win over the Giant that was HAPI.


The OS-Tan Shogunate is allied with Iopsd Island, Shinobu Island, Chrono Island, Baka Ice Fairy Island, Tsubotsubu Island, Analogue Dynasty Island, Lolistan Island, and miku Island through OTAKU, and is allied to Nigrajungle Island, Kitchen Island, and Homestuck Island through the Gaijin Otaku Pact.

This is a public view of the relations and opinions of other islands in the archipelago from the OS-Tan Shogunate. +4 being the highest opinion, -4 being the lowest, and 0 being neutral