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Official flag of the PFA.

The People's Force of Action (PFA) is an island organization which goal is to bring together many nations under a common goal of love, anime, McDonald's, and squashing imperialism in the Heyuri Archipelago by defending PFA members and other defenseless islands in times of need. It is primarily a force of peace, but will not hesitate to attack overseas aggressors if necessary.


Poptan had supposedly planned to start the People's Force of Action from the beginning of the state's existence. Shortly after it was established, Poptan held a gathering with the people of the island and spoke about his thoughts on joining HAPI/AGGRO/OTAKU and other alliances, and his hesitation with him believing the alliances themselves to be imperialist. It is spoken of briefly in Quotations from Chairman Poptan:

"I fear on joining the HAPI alliance, as while their intentions seem fine at a glance, I cannot tell if their agenda aligns with Marxist-Poppuist thought and the AMCP. I am also against the established canon of, essentially, not joining HAPI means you will have no help at all. This is why the PFA, People's Force of Action, will be established soon enough. I do not hold any qualms with HAPI and their benefactories, our great ally Lolislamic State of Shotacon deals with HAPI, I feel as if introducing the PFA will make it positive that an organization will share the people's ideals and give other nations a choice, rather than it be monopolized by one group."

(Poptan has since retracted most of the anti-HAPI sentiment shown here.)

Poptan goes on record saying he did not want to start the organization too early, for his island was "not powerful enough" to take on aggressors and provide AIDS to comrades in need. However, once the factories were finally being worked in, the first city was built, and militaristic power had strengthened just enough, on turn 483 Poptan decided to officially create the PFA.

A party was held for the creation of the alliance on the island, and for like the fifth time in their short history they had Poptan hold a 30 minute speech, ate McDonald's and danced around to Tungjei folk tunes. (They're literally just old klezmer songs played with like one-stringed Chinese instruments and shit)

Why join the PFA?

When you are a PFA member, you will experience true comradery unlike anything else in the archipelago. When you are out of luck with no fertile land, people starving and a kaiju in your midst, it is other members top priority to get you the AIDS you need in as soon as humanly possible. We will protect you from foreign aggressors, it is in our red blood to stop the imperials in their tracks!

Forms of support that the PFA frequently provides to others include (but are not limited to):

  • Food exports
  • Financial capital
  • Military assistance against aggressors and kaiju
  • Penis pump exports
  • Penis enlargement pill exports
  • Penis, just in general

Membership requirements

Any island can join PFA whenever they want without invitation, as long as these are followed:

  • You put [PFA] in your island's comment.
  • You follow the necessary doctrines of love, anime, and McDonald's.
  • You fully support the Anime McDonald's Communist Party and its goals, long-term and otherwise.
  • You are not currently listed on the Fascist Imperialist Tyrants list (FIT-list).
  • You do not provide EXCESSIVE support (food, financial, military, etc.) to currently-FIT-listed islands.
  • You do not attack non-FIT-listed islands without having an adequate reason to attack.

Membership encouragements

These are things which are not required, but are appreciated and help with understanding the PFA:

  • Be similar ideologically, be it your island runs under a branch of socialism or communism yourselves. This is in no way required, but it's nice.
  • Read the writings listed in the "Encouraged reading" section.
  • Have a strong defensive force; Moar nukez = less likely the fash will fuck with you! ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  • Put the AMCP symbol in your flag if you'd like!

Encouraged reading

Here is a list compiled by Poptan made to aid in understanding Anime McDonald's Communism, the party, and more:

  • Quotations from Chairman Poptan, Poptan
  • The Entire McDonald's Menu, McDonald's
  • Azumanga Daioh, Kiyohiko Azuma
  • Yotsuba To!, Kiyohiko Azuma
  • Ojamajo Doremi (manga), i dunno
  • Capital, Karl Marx (or Hadas Thier's A People's Guide to Capitalism if you don't want to read 2000 pages of total jargon)
  • Scientific Socialism, Frederich Engels
  • The Phenomenology of Spirit, Hegel
  • The State and Revolution, Vladimir Lenin


As of 2024/01/17 (turn 483), the current members of the PFA are as follows:

Honorary members

These non-PFA nations have been recognized by the party for their gracious help:

Former members

None ヽ(´ー`)ノ

FIT: Fascist Imperialist Tyrants

FIT (aka "Fascist Imperialist Tyrants," "The FIT-list") is a list of islands of which impose themselves onto other nations, be it bribing with any amount of capital, attacking other islands without fair reason, or other things to expand a sphere of influence. Islands named on the FIT-list are forbidden from joining the PFA. This list is determined solely by Poptan on behalf of the party.

Currently FIT-listed islands

As of 2024/01/18 (turn 483), the current FIT-listed islands are as follows:

  • PC98 Island (Requested to be on the list)
  • Hachikuji Island (Requested to be on the list, unprovoked missile attack on PRM land)
  • Nirvana Island (Requested to be on the list, formerly Rooting Island which committed unprovoked missile attacks on PRM land)