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This page contains a list of music related to Heyuri. It includes songs that were featured in Heyuri OC, music created by Heyuri users, and music that was simply posted to the boards.

The List

List of music related to Heyuri
Track Date of Heyuri relevance Context
Ottawan - Hands Up (1981) 2020 (summer) Posted in a reply to a thread on /b/. Was referenced by other users a few times afterwards.
Sum 41 - Fatlip (2001) 2020 (summer) Posted to /b/ at some point, along with a portion of the lyrics.
Miss Papaya - Hero (1997) 2020 (summer) Posted to /b/ at some point.
Miss Papaya - Supergirl (Superwaha) 2020 (summer) Used in an ancient Flash loop frequently posted to /f/ and /b/.
Hampton The Hampster - The Hampsterdance Song (2000) 2020/06/28 Used in heyuri_azucar.swf, a seminal Heyuri-made Flash loop that boldly proclaimed "LOL Heyuri!!!1".
TV Anime Rozen Maiden Original Soundtrack - Kowareta Sekai (壊れた世界, Broken World) (2005) 2020/07/09 Used in heyuri_error_523.swf, a simple Flash loop that was created during the confusion and sadness when Heyuri suddenly went offline without warning earlier that day and displayed nothing but a generic CloudFlare Error 523 (Origin is unreachable) page. It was initially believed that Heyuri's server had suffered a freak—but severe—site destroying crash, but months later it was discovered that it was intentional sabotage by a former Heyuri developer/skiddie.
Vengaboys - Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! (1998) 2020/08/07 Pitched up and used in f_is_back_party.swf to celebrate /f/'s return, as well as the requested heyuri_party.swf edit that changed the strobing text from "/f/ IS BACK" to "PARTY HARD".
America - The Last Unicorn (1982) 2021/05/14 Linked to in a /q/ thread alongside parody lyrics that changed the words to be about "The Last Imageboard".
Wonder of Wonder (2020) 2021/07/24 Subject of a thread in which posters drew their own characters dancing on
Vengaboys - 24 Hours (1998) 2021/12/31 Got pitched up and used in 24hours.webm alongside a dancing Rin Kokonoe GIF, was posted in a 24-hour New Year's Eve dance party thread.
Creamy - Help! I'm a Fish (2000) 2021 (?) Posted to /b/ at some point. I forget if it was 2021 or 2022.
Triple J - Follow The Sun (90 In The Shade Mix) (1997) 2022 Used in sunshine.swf alongside the "osaka flying on a chair" GIF that once took over /b/ in 2020. Was originally made in January 2021, but wasn't posted to Heyuri until a year or so later.
DJ HEYURIMEISTER 3000 - Example 4 Heyuri (2022) 2022/03/02 A short, original creation by a music-making Heyuri user to demonstrate the kind of music they were capable of producing.
DJ HEYURIMEISTER 3000 - Remix In Za Techno (2022) 2022/03/03 Created by the same music-making Heyuri user after they asked other users to throw some ideas at them for a fun "old internet" style remix. Unfortunately, the n00bs who were present at the time didn't understand what a remix was, and so an old clip of Korone—a Hololive Virtual YouTuber—ended up being the only thing posted that was even close to being a valid suggestion.
BassCrasher - BEST OF '90s EURODANCE BUBBLEGUM DANCE MEGAMIX (Bubblegum Dancer) 2022/03/05 Was featured in the afterparty of Heyuri's FLCL Cytube stream, although only a handful of songs in the mix were heard before it was skipped. Got played in full after everyone except kaguya and anonwaha had left.
Selena - Dreaming Of You (1995) 2022/04/01 Used in heyuri-tan dreaming.webm that was posted to /b/ for a (not so) April Fools. The thread got stickied soon after it was posted.
Ojamajo Doremi # henshin music (2000) 2022/04/11 Somebody in the 7th Townhall asked if this short track could be used in a remix.
Spandau Ballet - Gold (1983) 2022/05/01 Posted to /b/ to celebrate the gold CSS that was active during (and several days beyond) Golden Week.
Enya - Storms In Africa (1989) 2022/05/04 Used in bunnyfuck.webm, a comical corruption of an innocent cartoon bunny animation. The original animation (bunny.swf) was created by Heyuri user usagi!f3TBO407a2 in celebration of Golden Week, and an anonymous Heyuri user followed it up with bunnyfuck.gif. The WebM version with an Enya music video in the background was created due to one user saying that it "needs moar voice to be worth our faps".
Babylon Zoo - Spaceman (Capital Remix) (1995) 2022/05/10 Posted to /b/ in response to an image of Osaka in a spacesuit being posted. yuki-chan showed up to say "leap like a toad".
Scott Brown - Taking Drugs? (2004) 2022/05/11 Posted to /b/ as the 18999GET. wait, wut?