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The Monthly Anime attempts were a series of planned watchalongs intended to reinvigorate Heyuri's and StrawberryHeaven's anime boards (which were nearly always teh deadz0rs) by having the users all watch the same show together, one episode per day. However, each attempt would invariably end up being resounding failures due to a variety of reasons ranging from mods forgetting to update the episode counter, to the site imploding.

Since March 2022, Heyuri has occasionally watched anime together on the Heyuri Cytube instead, and as of July 2022 they have proven far more successful.

List of Monthly Anime

List of Heyuri's Monthly Anime
Date Anime Synopsis How the Monthly Anime went
July 2020 Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan An angel with a magical spiked bat starts living with a junior high student, murder-filled hilarity ensues. Failed almost immediately due to TEH CRASH (later discovered to be a certain developer/skiddie wiping Heyuri's servers in an act of sabotage). Heyuri's staff were then too busy restoring Heyuri to continue the Monthly Anime.
August 2020 Aishiteruze Baby A highschool boy is suddenly tasked with caring for his FUCKING ADORABLE 5-year-old loli cousin after her mother has seemingly abandoned her, cuteness and melodrama ensues. Was on track for the first few days, which resulted in Heyuri falling in love with Yuzuyu and /a/ being drowned in Aishiteruze Baby-related threads. However, Heyuri mods neglected to update the episode counter for a few days, leading to confusion. The mods then suddenly bumped the counter up by 4 episodes, but by that point all the momentum had been lost. It seemed as if only one or two users watched the rest of the show in their own time.
September 2020 Rozen Maiden A hikikomori kid who abandoned school suddenly has his introverted life invaded by sentient dolls who are fighting each other to win "The Alice Game". Doll hijinks ensue. Failed due to chaos and Heyuri going down in flames. ;_;
October 2020 Rozen Maiden(?) At this point in time, the remaining Heyuri users had migrated to StrawberryHeaven. SH Mods neglected to make a new Monthly Anime poll, so Rozen Maiden was extended to 2 months. Nobody made any posts about it, so presumably nobody watched it.
November 2020 ??????? Things generally didn't work much during the StrawberryHeaven era...
December 2020 Bottle Fairy Four little fairies are living with a human and his cute little neighbour, and they want to learn more about the human world. Comedic imagination sequences ensue. Failed due to... I think everyone just forgot about it, L0L. Also /a/ had crashed and was a complete mess due to wormhole-kun fuckery.
January 2021 Hidamari Sketch Four art school students are living in the same apartment building, artsy slice of life-ness ensues. Similar to the previous month, nobody was even aware that Hidamari Sketch was the Monthly Anime due to Mod neglect. /a/ was also b0rked during the important part of the month.
February 2021 Kimi ga Nozomu Eien A typical high school love triangle takes a turn for the worse when one of them ends up in a fucking coma. DORAMA and angry imouto ensues. Was somehow successful for a few episodes. A notable amount of OC was created and /a/ even managed to suck activity away from the rest of the site... but it soon petered out and everyone quickly forgot about it.
March 2021 Hiatus キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!
April 2021 Hiatus Mods were scared that blackhole-kun would eat threads, so they decided against making a Monthly Anime nominations thread.
May 2021 Hiatus FAIL
June 2021 Pani Poni Dash The fact that nobody remembered this Monthly Anime enough to include it in this list until now (July 2022) speaks volumes about how it went... (as of writing this in July 2022, I can barely remember what happened, but I don't recall anyone posting about it after the first episode or so)

Previously nominated anime

Things to note:

  • Polls held prior to February 2021 are probably lost. This means that this list only includes February 2021 and May/June 2021.
  • If an anime was nominated in more than one poll, the various vote totals were combined.
  • In some cases, votes were made after the poll had closed, or the votes were inflated by the dreaded votespammer. He's in ur /vote/, ruining ur polls, and therefore the entries with significantly more votes than the others should probably be taken with a grain of salt.
Previously nominated anime
Anime Votes
Kill Me Baby 8
Paniponi Dash! 7
Haibane Renmei 4
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Rumbling Hearts) 4
Elfen Lied 3
Onegai Teacher 2
Shakugan no Shana 2
Moetan 1
Noir 1
Kaichou wa Maid-sama! 0
Kanon 0
Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto 0
Usagi Drop 0