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Heyuri staff-san are teh people retards who volunteer to help operate, develop, and moderate Heyuri.

Capcodes are sometimes used to distinguish admins and mods from the rest of Heyuri's users, but they're typically only used on Site Discussion or when a situation really calls for it.

Current Heyuri staff-san

Accurate as of 2024/05/19!


  • kaguya (typically metaposts as kaguya ## Admin, though historically has also posted as kaguya ## Mod and Anonymous ## Mod)



Janitors (AKA "n00b mods")


The various different scripts that make up Heyuri have different moderation capabilities, some of which also depend on the staff-san's role. Of course, administrators with direct access to server files can perform a wide variety of additional actions beyond what the script is capable of.

Kokonotsuba boards

On Kokonotsuba boards, the admin has complete control over the boards, while the roles of moderator and janitor have increasingly limited capabilities:

  • Janitors can delete posts, warn IPs and mute an IP for an hour at a time.
  • Moderators have all janitor capabilities plus the ability to ban IPs for any length of time, revoke bans, append user posts with HTML, view the bans page, enable/disable autosage on threads, lock/unlock threads, sticky/unsticky threads, and enable GIF thumbnail animation on a post.
  • Administrators have all moderator capabilities plus the ability to view the action log and perform various database-related functions.


On Oekaki, all staff-san have the ability to view the admin panel, delete posts, and regenerate the HTML files.

Strange World

On Strange World, all staff-san have the ability to view the log file and delete posts. The software supports capcodes, although as of October 24, 2023, the only one to exist is the administrator's one.

2ちゃん (up.heyuri.net)

On 2ちゃん, mods can delete files on the all boards including user boards.


On Heyuri★CGI, the moderation capabilities of the various scripts varies wildly, though most at least have a rudimentary post deletion function. This ability typically applies to all staff-san, since staff roles are apparently a foreign concept to Japan (where all the scripts hosted on Heyuri★CGI derive from).