Clover Island

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The populous use clovers on everything

According to Tachi's account of history, the island was established somewhere near turn 360 - yet was disproved when Waha found record it was actually discovered on turn 347


The land was chosen by President Cosmo when she happened upon a land where all it's grass was replaced by clovers, which has given the island extreme luck ever since [in everything except oil GETS]

Nobody knows how a land with no factories and giant farms is as wealthy as it currently is, but the populace yet again thank the lands ancient luck for everything, and as a show of thanks have vowed to put clovers on quite literally everything they possibly can (´ω`)

people in the big cities are obsessed enough with Clovers to bother looking at modern day 4chan

Islands that probably won't kill us

As the header suggests, listed below are islands that the president is pretty sure won't bomb the the clovers back into grass, so therefore sends plenty food AIDS to (*´∇`)ノ

Wait, every other island has a points system? Crap ( T ʖ̯ T) < I like yours bettar because it gives a reason why you like them