Suiseiseki Island

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Pocky is a beloved snack among the dolls of Suiseiseki Island

Here we remember Suiseiseki Island, who is with us no more, for missiles pelted on all land and shore, till evacuation was the only option left in store

Many now say, that if Dnalsi they payed, or if in OTAKU they stayed, they would still stand to this day

A doll nation lead by the well-intentioned but slightly haughty tsundere herself, Suiseiseki. Given a cursory glance of the island’s name, one might be tempted to think that it is inhabited exclusively by Suiseiseki replicas, however this is not entirely the case. Dolls of all varieties are welcome on Suiseiseki Island, the only requirements being that they are at least somewhat cute and make an effort to behave themselves as a well-mannered lady should.


While Suiseiseki Island is no longer a member, the dolls of Suiseiseki Island hold the OTAKU alliance in high regard, commending PC98 Island in particular for their defense of Suiseiseki Island after accusations were made by HAPI regarding the nature of Public Commune Island’s generous donations to the island, as well as their help in the war on ANARRU SEKKUSU Island, Suiseiseki Island’s sworn rival. Opinions of HAPI among Suiseiseki residents tend towards negative, due to their interference with the war on Milf Island, as well as their destruction of pen Island, whom Suiseiseki Island was on friendly terms with. While not a formal alliance, Suiseiseki Island harbors particularly negative sentiments towards the Heyuri Intelligence Agency, due to them seizing and shutting down Suiseiseki’s sister island, Souseiseki Island.

Misfire on Dnalsi Island

Main article: Turmoil of Turn 200

Unfortunately, a highly defective doll was put in charge of Suiseiseki Island’s defense systems, who on turn 198 proceeded to launch the entire Suiseiseki arsenal at Dnalsi Island. The doll in question received only a moderate punishment, due to her misfire inadvertently landing Suiseiseki Island the 200-turn cup, however she was still taken out of her position as missile operator and replaced by a far more competent operative. It has been theorized by some that these attacks were in fact carefully planned by Suiseiseki high command with the objective of taking the 200-turn cup, however Suiseiseki Island disavows these claims, maintaining their position that the attacks were purely accidental.

The dolls of Suiseiseki Island are widely known for their penchant for sweet-tasting foods, with a particular predilection for strawberries. Due to damaged relations between Suiseiseki Island and Dnalsi Island, the archipelago’s primary grower of strawberries, a large-scale strawberry shortage has ensued on Suiseiseki Island, resulting in rampant unrest and malcontentment among its citizenry. Efforts are currently underway to mend relations between the two islands.