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An artist's depiction of a Heyurian, posted to /b/ on February 16th, 2022
Heyurians are known to be gay

Heyurian is a term that is sometimes used to describe Heyuri users, and it likely derived from "Lunarian" it is a fusion of Heyuri and the -ian suffix, which of course is obvious to anyone who speaks English (a fusion of Engle (the Angles) + -ish).

Heyuri users are also sometimes called Heyurizens, which is a fusion of the words Heyuri and citizen. However, the difference between Heyurian and Heyurizen is that the latter makes one think of an inhabitant of Heyuri, while the former makes one think of some kind of barb-cocked space monster from the planet Raepyu.

Both terms are in fact teh st00pid, and many Heyuri aficionados (Spanish, past participle of aficionar (“to inspire affection”)) prefer the simpler term Heyuri user.