Fuckd Island

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fukn flag

fuckd Island was an island on the Heyuri Archipelago, populated by fukrs (cypriots) alongside idiots (turks and kurds). all residents were convicted for conscietious objection in their respective countries, hence the large population working on farms to feed their dogs with the food they make. They was some real nigras in the hood, the blackest most melinated ones next to nigra himself. They were hella ballin' n hella gangster.

their leaders were the people known as fukr, the foreign minister; and turkiyejin, the military leader and prime minister, both turkish, with completely opposite skin tones. Which one could've said they were oppressed to the other? their former leader, Super Mario has gone missing as of Turn 512, and hasn't been found since. We suspect his name has been changed to Süper Mario and he may have been sighted working at a kebab shop in Germany.

their main exports are mediocre Turkish Drama redubbed in various languages, and exported as food. They are also not aligned with any organization currently.


fuckd island has fought against a few islands. we fukn suckd at it like really bad

battle against bobrikovistan island

this was a battle that had taken place after the current leader at the time Super Mario thought he needed more refugees, and decided to bomb an island assumed to be on its way to abandonment. In the end, bobrikovistan island had been sunk, with no retaliation. approximately 2k refugees washed on fuckd island's shores, and Super Mario graciously accepted them. The sinking of bobrikovistan island was met by a swift placement on the BAI of HAPI, and Super Mario was democratically impeached, left on the streets to rot. He has been missing since Turn 512. fukr and turkiyejin has since taken up leadership. bobrikovistan's leader had returned soon after the destruction of his island, and devestatingly had to rediscover another island, Bobrikovistan Island, returning to their isolationist glory. fuckd island then paid an accumulated sum of approximately 150kt of food to bobrikovistan, and fuckd island was then taken off the BAI after the final payment of 100kt.

battle against Columbine Island

turkiyejin and fukr, after observing the many atrocities commited by the Republic Of Columbine Island, namely the bombing of Homestuck island Island and Europe but as an Island, decided to retaliate on behalf of both islands, proceeding to take out all missile bases and a few cities, before the leader willfully abandoned the island. fuckd island has avoided being appendded to the BAI, thanks to HAPI's agreement that Dylan sukd


the fuck up

turkiyejin and fukr, both high on weed were brainstorming idea to expand the island's military capability. wanting to not increase their very obvious missile bases; they decided to level them up. the best way to do this, was to of course blow stealth missiles towards dnalsi island. their reasoning is allegedly "dnalsi could recover very quickly from it". this short sighted mistake was done 20m before turn 580 had rolled around, leaving little time for reconsideration; and as the bombs fell on dnalsi, quick regret befelled the both of them. they were very quickly found out due to the lack of action during a stealth missile launch, which would've kept their action hidden. very briefly after Turn 580, discussion within Hakinowa Chat led to the eventual reperations of 519.9kt of food paid out during turn 581-586, according to HAPI records. turkiyejin's apology was accepted by dnalsi, and fuckd Island's government was told to keep a cool head, due to the very extreme boundaries crossed by fuckd. We thank them for their mercy.

one of the most major mistakes made by fuckd island's government was revealing the classified locations of missile bases, in an attempt to seem genuine to Dnalsi Island. this accidental declassification has led many of fuckd island citizens feeling betrayed, and broken. this image can be seen here.

this resulted in both turkiyejin and fukr taking paid leave until turn 600 to discuss their weed addiction. During this, due to mismanagement by their replacements, fuckd Island also suffered a food shortage, resulting in the islands resident's destroying many of the farms on our beloved island. 1129 Cows Island supported them during this time with a relief sum of 300kt of food. fuckd island is currently recovering from the fuck up, and reforming their military.

the death of Fuckd Island

Fuckd Island is now uninhabited. on turn 676, Fuckd island's last city was burnt down from a fire started when a kurdish mother forgot to turn the oven off. Every last citizen of Fuckd Island then succumbed to the flames, and died. This came from a multitude of previous disasters harming the people of Fuckd Island, most notably the Giant Meteor obilterating the majority of the population. It is said that fuckd and turkiyejin are still alive, somewhere. The giant meteor hit Fuckd on Turn 672, killing an estimated 50000 people. fuck

foreign relations

turkiyejin and fukr has both attempted to build many farms and increase the production of food in order to assist multiple dying or new islands as forgiveness for the needless murder of bobrikovistan Island, such as Naked Apron Island. fukr has done a bad job, failing to singlehandedly sustain the population as promised to turkiyejin. fukr then had to get a pink card from Turkey in order to gain forgiveness, and was exiled temporarily to Turkey. fukr returned on Turn 554, bringing the pink card alongside multiple packs of Camel Cigarettes. fuckd island has generally been passive to most islands, although many baseless threats made, particularly towards Naked Apron Island, and fukr has yet to make a public apology.

"nigrajungle real asf we love our nigra brothers" - turkiyejin when questioned about relations with Nigrajungle Island at a primary school in the east.