Boondocks Union

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Flag of the brotherhood of the Boondocks Union

For all the ballin gangsta's in the hood

The Boondocks Union is a union of all us darkies who live on the islands. We brothers gotta stick together and hustle everybody. The Boondocks Union was created by a pimp named nigra and his island Nigrajungle Island. he played some B-Ball in the court of Kitchen Island and soon Hoopz joined the union. so far the Boondocks Union has yet to hustle anybody, but they have managed to export 14 tones of crack and weed to Europe but as a Island (Mainly Denmark)

Islands in the brotherhood

A pimp named nigra founded the bondocks union AND IS THE MOST BALLER PLAYA' IN DIS WORLD. AND I be PACKIN' in my pants in mo' than one way.

Hoopz was the second member and the ONLY otha' brotha'. Provides the rest of the union with chicken wings, ecto-coolers and B-Ball

Islands we want to join the brotherhood

We're pretty sure he's black and we want him to join because he's a real nigra gangsta who can hustle like nobody else.

People who aren't black but can still ball with us

He be ballin' but he still a chinky lil' guy

He can join provided he gives us mo hoes and mo money. (SEND NUDES AND MONEY PLX)

How to join

Ask somebody who is already in the brotherhood

just put [Boondocks Union] in your comment section (If you are actually black)

join #Boondocks in the irc thing and tell us how gangster you are and how many people you hustle daily

(these are not step, each one is a valid method)