Turmoil of Turn 200

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(clockwise from top left) A Mecha-Inora rampages through a city on DESU Island; Dnalsi Island after Suiseiseki Island's surprise attacks; missiles launching; pen man lamenting the failure of the treaty; pen Island's oil rig moments after being struck by a missile from DESU

The Turmoil of Turn 200 was a period lasting from roughly turn 193 - turn 213. Not only was this period marked by two of the deadliest wars in the archipelago's history, it also involved a massive influx of monsters and natural disasters. Conservative estimates set the total death toll of this 20-turn period to around 1,095,000, with over 12 islands affected in some way.

Pen War

Pen War.png

The pen Is War was the costliest war in Heyurian history. It began with pen Island issuing an ultimatum to DESU Island on around turn 190. pen man demanded DESU step down to let someone else claim the 200-Turn Cup, and to leave either HAPI or OTAKU. Pen man could afford to make these demands, as a number of turns earlier he had struck oil in the waters near his island, granting him $1000M every turn. However, his demands were met with ridicule. One of them was nonetheless met when DESU was struck by a massive earthquake and tsunami, sending them down from the #1 spot, which was then claimed by Dnalsi Island. During this time, Mooshy of Naked Apron Island announced their support for pen Island. On turn 195, pen man began the pen Is War by creating a mechanized Inora monster and airdropping it on DESU Island. Although PC98 Island helped quickly destroy the monster, most of DESU island's other allies were in a bad state due to other disasters and a general downturn, leaving DESU Island mostly on its own. Due to this situation, DESU called for a ceasefire and agreed to negotiate with pen Island, resulting in the infamous Treaty of Turn 197. DESU Island was reprimanded by fellow HAPI members due to this, but they lashed out in turn, blaming HAPI for their lackluster response.

Damage on DESU island prior to the war

Although it seemed the war was over on turn 197 with both pen man and DESU reaching an agreement, Chuu Island made a proposal, which was as follows:

  1. DESU Island rejoins HAPI and becomes a HAPI OTAKU once more
  2. All willing & able islands partake in an assault against pen Island until pen Island is either totally Upchuck'd or...
  3. they surrender and commit to paying back DESU Island the cost of the man-made monster (3000M$) + an additional 1000M$ for being an asshole
  4. All prior BAI-listed crimes will be written off for any BAI-listed islands that join the fight against pen Island

Although criticized by non-HAPI members as escalating a war that had already ended, DESU Island and all HAPI members nontheless agreed to the proposal and the war proper began. The treaty did not last a single turn. Both HAPI and OTAKU began attacking pen Island. Although pen man was supported by Naked Apron Island and G Island, they both had little firepower and were not able to contribute much. The Great Upchuckian King, who, after the very real Newchuckian Genocide, took refuge at pen Island, also helped pen man with strategy. HAPI's biggest foe may not have even been pen man himself, as during this time many islands were hit with disasters and monsters, including the first appearance of the Red Inora and Ghost Inora. Although pen man's oil rig was taken out quite early on, he still had saved a sizeable amount of funds to fuel his war effort. And so, even against seven other islands, pen man held his own until turn 210, when his last city was destroyed by an Iopsdian missile, and his island sank to the bottom of the ocean. Pen man's current whereabouts are unknown; some believe he went down with his island.

An unsigned copy of the controversial treaty

Dnalsi-Suiseiseki War

Attack on Dnalsi

On turn 198, the same turn that the pen Is War truly began, Suiseiseki Island launched a surprise attack on Dnalsi Island, who held the top spot in the archipelago. They attacked again on turn 199, which lowered Dnalsi's rankings and put Suiseiseki Island on the top spot. On turn 200, they recieved the 200-Turn Cup. Dnalsi being a peace loving island started crumbling from continued bombardment. However, on turn 204, Soylent Island sent a Mecha Inora monster to Suiseiseki Island. On turn 221, PC98 Island announced that it would aim to intervene if the war escalates further, using military action on either island to limit their capacity to make war with one another. Suiseiseki called for ceasefire with Dnalsi on turn 216, which Dnalsi was slow to respond, continuing to attack against Suiseiseki for several turns. Eventually, Peace talks began between the two islands, Dnalsi demanded the following:


If Suiseiseki becomes a farming-only island all can be forgiven. Suiseiseki will not be permitted to own factories, missile bases or defense facilities, and must provide 500Kt food to Dnalsi and Secret island when they are beneath 500Kt (starting as soon as you are able), but Dnalsi and Secret will offer protection from any monsters or attacks by other islands as soon as we receive the initial 500Kt food payments. Suiseiseki may not go above 6000M estimated wealth on any turn, but may otherwise sell food produced at their discretion. Also Suiseiseki must join the [FAG] alliance (farmers against gayness).

Alternatively you can keep clinging on until I sink your island and I'll join HAPI if any Islands try to intervene. If you choose to abandon and discover a new island altogether, I will also consider all hostilities resolved.

As a show of good faith, and to give you time to decide Dnalsi and Secret will not attack you for the next 6 turns.

These demands were thrown out as "unrealistic", as Dnalsi was in a stalemate with Suiseiseki and did not have the position to make such demands. HAPI suggested that Suiseiseki pay Dnalsi a sum of 6000M$, and this was accepted by the islands, thus ending the war.

Reinitiation of the War

After 70 turns, Dnalsi had received no payment from Suiseiseki, angering Dnalsi and HAPI. War was reinitiated when DESU island attacked Suiseiseki, prompting HAPI and Dnalsi to also attack Suiseiseki. About 8 turns later, Suiseiseki, sensing defeat, evacuated and abandoned his island to avoid trial