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The flag of Iopsd Island.

らき☆ぱらだいす Island(Formerly Iopsd Island) is an island in the PVP Archipelago (Formerly Heyuri Archipelago). They are a member of OTAKUSmalljapaneseflag.jpg, and their main export is Timotei shampoo. Shares close relations with the darkest nigra chief upon nigra Island and his black otakus. They are big fans of the Luckies and Lucky Star.   


Iopsd Island was founded relatively early into the resettlement of the Hakoniwa Archipelago by the fantastic Emperor Iopsd. A village was founded there by him as a refuge for mainlanders unable to put up with the new waves of anime, though preference was shown specifically to those of the Lucky Star persuasion.

Growth was slow in the early years as carefully planned villages were laid out and government positions assigned, but upon the first expeditions into the mountains of Iopsd Island, the pith helmeted explorers happened upon villages of lolis, with hair of many different colours. Every man on the island was assigned a wife of his choice and the population exploded, which leads us to the modern era.  



The island is primarily inhabited by the colourful little girls of the mountain, otherwise known as "Luckies" with an upperclass of the founding members of Iopsd Island, whom are mostly comprised of Caucasian makeup. One could consider them "All-American", though they prefer to use the term "Newfag" to refer to themselves.

Offspring of marriages between the Luckies and Newfags tend to result in a girl about 90% of the time, who will be indistinguishable from the standard Luckies of the island; the other 10% will see men, but they are unable to grow anything but aggressively spiky hair. == =



An attendance photo from the "Tomboy Festival"


The culture of the island has largely been shaped by the interests of the elite class, aswell as heavily by the Emperor himself; this is most heavily demonstrated in the heavily otaku-centric nature of all entertainment and artwork. Architecture has notable Japanese inspiration, with a specific focus on the rural environment. 

Farming is incredibly important to the people of Iopsd Island and a majority of the population are employed in the massive agricultural complexes spanning the land. The most popular crop is the leaves of which green tea is made from, with many festivals held in celebration of the drink aswell as all citizens guaranteed free access to it as a basic Human right.

Festivals are a constant in Iopsdian society, with a heavy emphasis put on leisure, to "Take it easy!" as the locals put it. With monthly festivals held for anything from Pocky appreciation to anime viewings at municipal theatres and town halls.

Artists are held in high regard within the upperclass of the Iopsdians. Anyone able to draw a perfect portrait of Emperor Iopsd's wife being granted a large stipend from the royal treasury and a pure maiden of his choice.

Cleanliness is also held in very high regard and it has become a widespread practice to sing "Timotei.. Timotei.. Timoteeei!" when bathing oneself. Whether this is a stealth advertising campaign for the shampoo (Of which is manufactured and exported en mass on the island) or if it is simply a call to the cultural foundation of the island (Lucky Star) is unclear. 


The government on Iopsd Island is composed on a wealth of aristocratic councils, all reporting to the Emperor as the end all on decisions. The military branch enjoys greater freedom than the rest of the branches, but it is said to only be this way due to the immense technical knowledge needed to operate the missile facilities.

Iopsdian National Guard Armored Core

The actual number of councils is unknown, but the most prominent are the: Military High Command, Cultural Council and Development Committee.

Cultural Committee meeting.

The military command is broken into two sections, with one for managing National Guard forces, while the other more elite branch is what manages offensive actions, mainly by missile.

A smaller delegation exists simply to communicate on behalf of the Iopsdian stake into the greater HAPI manpower pool, though they've been somewhat absent since the creation the Hakoniwa BBS, otherwise known as the "Hakoniwa Bullet Blocking Speakeasy".

The Great Upchuckian War

A mention on most notable islands of the archipelago, of which saw the deaths of many Iopsdians due to a severe lack of defense facilities. The war was shortly followed with the "Calamity of the Sea" wherein a series of natural disasters had their tail brought up by a 2-strength Kaiju! The carnage was severe and the island dropped many places in the greater Hakoniwa rankings, but it has been on the rise ever since, helped along by a large influx of Wahaians.

The Great Tragedy of Turn 371

Nevar Forget


Upon the passing of Turn 371, much due to the Emperor's ignorance of the guidebook and what Kamisama has in mind for those who fly too close to the sun, saw the island plunged into a disaster not seen since the The Great Upchuckian War.
The island was first hit by a massive tsunami, which was a tragedy in itself, but not unusual for the Archipelago. Shortly after these initial events, Iopsd Island was hit by the first recorded "Land Subsidance" which saw a massive amount of the great nation put underwater. Most of the deaths were civilian, hundreds of thousands of lives lost as entire cities were swallowed by the sea. Much to the Defense Council's delight, the missile facilities were mostly left intact.
A candlelight vigil was held for the lives lost shortly after the event, with a planned Pocky burning in tribute.

Official Government statements on the matter, outside of those containing simply messages of sorrow, consisted of blaming covert Pen Island agents for this tragedy, which led to a massive confiscation of all Pen refugee owned businesses and a reduction in their status as civilians.

Abandonment of HAPI

A gift from PC98 to commemorate the alliance.

Due to the War of the First Coalition and failed colonial integration of PC98 during the war, leadership of Iopsd slowly began to sour towards HAPI. The consensus among most prominent leaders and even among the Emperor himself was that such a war could have been totally avoided if cooler heads had prevailed, aswell as avoiding such a hideous refugee crisis, stretching the bombed out nations' capabilities to the limits. Thus, after much conversation and connections made with the reanimated brain of PC98 (Now 3.1-tan) it was decided that a soft withdrawl from HAPI, and joining of OTAKU would be agreed upon, given reparations were given and war was put onto the backburner.

This was welcomed by most islanders, but protests erupted among the minority community of Wahaian refugees; their cries were addressed by a clause in the alliance agreement that Iopsd would never have to fire upon Chuu in any sort of offensive war.

All in all the integration into OTAKU has resulted in quite the economic boost and rebound for the Island, even if some mishaps have occurred.

Movement to new Archipelago

Iopsd was once a member of the main archipelago, as were all islands, but after the magnificent success of OTAKU on turn 686, the evil wizard Waha decided to pull upon his homosexual powers and warp all of his enemies to a new land. Some would call it segregation, but some rejoiced in the new land free of HAPI influence, and hopefully with bountiful oil to be found. For this event, all remaining Wahaian refugees were dragged from their places in the cornet mines and summarily shot in the streets, some being hung from lampposts.

After the Wahaian pogroms, it was agreed a name change was in place to suit the islands' new identity and newfound home, thus "らき☆ぱらだいす Island" was decided upon, in English, "Lucky Paradise Island."

No Iopsdian man knows what the future may hold, but a hope is in all citizens' hearts that it will be bright.