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AGGRO is a coalition of islands formed from a discontent with the rule of HAPI, who are the most powerful alliance in the Heyuri Archipelago.

We don't agree with the leaders of HAPI and neither should you! AGGRO aims to contest the bullshit rules of HAPI. No more fearing of being kicked around for being put on the BAI. An island shouldn't have to fear giving the little guy some food, only to realize you just got the HIV-like virus known as being on the BAI.

Current State

flag of AGGRO

On November 1, 2023 (Turn 173) AGGRO was formed by Newchuck Island and soon to be Oldchuck Island and Pen Island.

  • Newchuck Island: AGGRO Leader, I suppose?
  • Pen Island
  • Naked Apron Island (unofficial member/co-belligerent?)
  • G Island (unofficial member/co-belligerent?)

As of 2023/11/12 (Turn 215) AGGRO is officially listed as defunct. All active members have either left or been destroyed.

For more information, see the Turmoil of Turn 200.

The defunct status of it doesn't stop Pen Man from trying to bring it back.

AGGRO is active once again. The current members are as follows:


You must hate HAPI.

How to Join

  • Put [AGGRO] on your island's comment.
  • Listen to the current AGGRO leader's strategies and cooperate with coalition members.
  • Get a tripcode so we can relay private messages.
  • kidnap any HAPI civilian (under 10 years old) and post a video of you raping them  Woah that is a little extreme...


flag of pen anal loli alliance

The creation of HAPI was a direct result from a war between Loli Island and WAHA Island. The conflict ended started with Loli Island bombing WAHA island to the bottom of the ocean a couple of times, and sometime later Waha Island suddenly warped out of existence due to Hakoniwa Kamisama hax and possible HIA incompetence, with Jiyulando Island appearing in Waha Island's former location. Anonwaha, the leader of WAHA Island, returned as the leader of Chuu Island. Then they formed HAPI. Loli Island was immediately put on the BAI. Loli Island was nevar on teh BAI since BAI nevar included any historical crimes, plus Loli Island got hit by a bajillion disasters rite b4 HAPI was formed, and Chuu Island felt sorry for them and considered the issue settled. ヽ(´ー`)ノ

AGGRO was not formally created, but used as a slogan at Loli Island due to their distaste for HAPI. Over time, the idea of AGGRO changed as Loli Island joined the pen ANARRU SEKKUSU alliance. This then made the alliance look like it was AGGRO as a whole. Later, Milf Island wanted to join but did not, presumably because it was tied with AGGRO. AGGRO died with Loli Island when it became uninhabited.

It was reformed as a response to the DESU War of Aggression and the Newchuckian Genocide.

After the Pen War, AGGRO ceased to be a relevant faction as its then-leader pen Island was destroyed and its allies, Naked Apron and G Island, surrendered to the HAPI-OTAKU alliance on Turn 206. A few turns later, while the Dnalsi/Suiseiseki war was still raging, a mysterious radio broadcast was picked up from beyond the sea. HIA intelligence managed to intercept the transmission and decipher it. The broadcast has since been declassified for the public.