Wanker Island

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The flag of the proud nation of Wanker

Wanker Island was a legendary island in the Heyuri Archipelago. They were a member of the NCA(National Cunt Alliance), and their leader, wankerman, was an avid support of the Australian Cunt effort. Sources say that Wankerman is the biggest rockstar in the Austrailia-New Zealand area. They were the first island to attack HAPI, and sadly be destroyed by HAPI. Their death was not in vain, as it made many lulz. They returned with Wanker Island 2: The Cumback Island, however was abandoned due to inactivity.

The wank, notice his Godlike hair. Sadly, no one is sure if he survived the HAPI attacks Recently it has been reported that the Wank is alive and well, staying at a unknown location between Perthlord Island and Wanker Island 3