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Niconico... There is too much to write about it. For most stuff you can check the Japanese Wikipedia page about it and translate it with DeepL, but since this is Heyuri's wiki, maybe I'll write about the most interesting parts

Use NND in Japanese!

There's an English version, but it lacks multiple stuff like Video tags, and all Japanese scrolling comments. There may be some comments made in English on popular videos, but they are usually made by n00bs who don't know about Japanese part and not at a quality level you would expect on NND.

NND slangs

I wrote "NND slangs", but a lot of these are used elsewhere too

Slang Meaning
It's read as "otsu", abbreviation for "otsukaresama" which means something like "thank you for your hard work". It's used to thank the uploader
88888 8 is read as はち "hachi", and ぱち "pachi" is the onomatopoeic word for clapping. It's used to appreciate the video/song the uplodaer has uploaded. pachipachipachi
WKTK It derives from "waku waku teka teka", where "wakuwaku" is onomatopoeia for excitement/thrilled, and "tekateka" is for gleaming, shining. It's used before something nice is about to come in the video

....while making this list, I noticed there's already an article on NND's dictionary on net slang, which of course covers NND's part too. This list may later be expanded to cover the most commonly used ones.