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  1. Generally, the rules Heyuri apply here. Including Rule 8
  2. Contrary to the previous rule, SOME specific Rule 8 violating content may be allowed depending on the circumstances. (Is it relevant? Is it necessary/worth including?)
  3. While the wiki generally offers a relaxed, satirical, and comedic mood, it is still forbidden to contribute false information maliciously.
  4. Irrelevant, off-topic, unimportant, and uninteresting articles will probably be removed. It doesnt necessarily need to be "notable".. but dont make an article about your moms favorite apple pie recipe.
  5. Avoid duplicate, redundant, repetitive, or unnecessary articles.
  6. Citations are encouraged but not mandatory unless dubious or controversial claims are made.



You can use templates to improve your pages or help other users. Examples:


These 2 both allow you to add the "Shit" and "Awesome" templates to your pages. Other ones include "Construction" and "Controversial". See the templates page for a complete list.