Christmas Truce Agreement

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The Christmas Truce Agreement (CTA) was a international truce of all participating islands, that they would not declare any wars and share presents with other islands. The idea was proposed by Iopsd Island and quickly gained ground with most islands, leading to a jolly Christmas.

In order to become a signatory of the treaty, one must simply type [CTA] in their island comment field. At its peak, around 6 or 7 islands were signatories of the truce. Despite this being a mere fraction of the entire archipelago, there were no wars started by any non-treaty island. This appears to have been out of respect for the truce, and the holiday spirit that inspired it. PC98 Island attempted to extend the truce with other islands, to no avail. On January 1, Turn 414, the truce expired, leading to tensions and feuds rising once again.