Analogue Dynasty Island

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Banner of the Analogue Dynasty Island

The Analogue Dynasty Island, formally known as the' 'Evil Analogue Dynasty Island is a recently uncovered island of the Heyuri Archipelago. This Island has adopted a policy of secrecy as a means to avoid drawing undue attention from more powerful islands. The inhabitants and members of government are known to all as mischievous.

The Dynasty officially joined OTAKUSmalljapaneseflag.jpg on invitation after having sent a public notice.


After a steady and promising development which spanned 60 to 70 turns, Analogue became involved in the War of the Second Coalition and participated in the first strikes. The military command of Analogue was accompanied by OTAKU strategic advisors at all times to avoid inefficiencies. Analogue also attempted multiple times to rid its allies of monsters while limiting collateral damage. After 20 turns of strife, Analogue received its first casualties from HAPI missiles, due to the lack of defense facilities which made the Island easy prey.

Analogue Dynasty Island fully relocated to the new archipelago and destroyed its illegitimate "PvE" counterpart, as a show of loyalty and dedication to the OTAKUSmalljapaneseflag.jpg cause.


Analogue Dynasty Island is known to be officially governed by Her Majesty Pyocola Analogue III under absolute rule, however affairs of state are handled by her mother Pyocola Analogue II who acts as regent. Non-domestic tasks are handled by minor lackeys and spokespersons. Most inhabitants live in dire condition but nonetheless seem animated by a passion to serve the Dynasty and the Black Gema Gema Gang.

The ruling class is known to have orchestrated the enslavement a race of little black beings (theorized to descend from niggers of old), whom are branded at birth with the characteristic . The Dynasty is known to ignore and refuse any diplomatic advances from congoids and their associates.

Her Majesty Pyocola Analogue III as seen in the telivision program continously broadcasted throuhought the Island.


Analogue Dynasty Island is recognized as a very poor state, a predicament which has historically been the cause of foul play against others. A testimony to this state of affairs is the diet of the ruling caste, consisting of bread leftovers and salt. On rare occasions mushroom soup is consumed if their sinister undertakings pay off.

A practice known to take place is the feeding of weak slaves and abducted negroids to the wild panda population of the Island when extra resources cannot be spared.


The already tense relations with "Nigrajungle Island" have been strained further when those stupid niggers fired two to three stealth missiles at Analogue Dynasty Island in the midst of the Second Coalition War.
Shortly after these despicable and vicious acts, the first and currently sole recipient of the Nigrolatrous Badge of Dishonour "Iopsd Island" refused to send adequate foodz to Analogue (again, in the midst of conflict) for not showing enough love towards the jungle bunnies.
Following these incidents, all those who voiced a favorable opinion of the mediocre show "Lucky Star" on Analogue Dynasty Island have been promptly thrown into a hole filled with low-grade shampoo in which they were left to drown. The death penalty for blacks remained unchanged.

Further information will be revealed here in the near future