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Emo-yotsuba-huh.gif This page may be controversial.

"This site will teach your children to buy drugs, hate society, look at guys disguised as women (traps)... and more!" - 9ch Slogan

9ch (Russian: Де́вяч / Dë́väč), also known as 9channel or (incorrectly) 9chan, was a Russian bulletin board created by kuz on March 14th 2005. It was kuz's first ever website and the catalyst to his many later creations.

Accessible only through TOR, the sites size and contents are a controversial and disputed topic, kuz purports it was both the first and largest Russian textboard, which the front page of its successor website, Devyach.net, also advertises, whilst critics of Kuz suggest the site was much smaller, or did not even exist. Its also widely believed that the site was a large CP hotbed, although kuz says the most illegal thing was pirated movies. The site had a huge problem with so called "crime announcements", and many of the sites boards and phrases were named with references to russian criminal/gang slang (e.g. pero, meaning literally "feather", but is a slang for a concealed knife).

The status of 9channel in reality is more akin to a legend, although certain clues have hinted that it did actually exist, such as a the official 9ch twitter account being created in 2009 and various screenshots of posts with dates that align. Regardless of real or perceived exaggerations, the site has played a notable role in both the history of Heyuri and some of its users.