People's Republic of Makkudonarudo

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People's Republic of Makkudonarudo Flag
People's Republic of Makkudonarudo flag. Ran, ran, ruuu!

The People's Republic of Makkudonarudo was an island in the Heyuri Archipelago, and the creator of the PFA. The island was under a socialist regime led by poptan, who is notable for being a creator of Heyuri OC and a Pedophile Faggot with AIDS. The island was abandoned due to inactivity, and uninhabited on turn 709 (2024/03/14). ;_;7


Poptan's Discovery of the Island

After being politely asked by Heyurizens to leave the Heyuri Mainland for creating the WORST THREAD EVER, along with generally being incredibly dense, Poptan built a boat out of straws, anime DVDs, and a boat and sailed into the Hakoniwan Heyuri Archipelago alone. He sailed for approximately twenty days and twenty-one nights, until he reached the northernmost island in the Heyuri Archipelago on turn 468, of which most thought of as uninhabited. It is a smaller island with all-around cold temperature with a diverse landscape, featuring forests, some mountains and meadows.

This "uninhabited island" turned out, to in fact, have people living there. There was an entirely different race that lived there for possibly hundreds of turns, that came to be called the Tungjei. It is said Poptan came ashore to a fishing village of seven tungjei, of which Poptan claims to have looked "malnourished and defeated." Despite this, they took Poptan in and fed him a fish luncheon, of which was later found to be highly radioactive due to SOMEBODY dumping barrels of toxic waste into the ocean and mutating the fish. This thoroughly explains why the tungjei are both starving and completely fucking retarded.

During this meal, Poptan explained to the tungjei his ideas of starting a brand new world, one "without the hardships of class disparity and imperialism, but with anime and McDonald's." They had no idea what anime or McDonald's was, nor class disparity, nor imperialism, but they were utterly fascinated by Poptan's gaudy hairstyle and decided that whatever he was saying had to be true. That day, the tungjei took Poptan with them into the main village inland and had him repeat what he said to them. This was Poptan's first actual "speech," per se, of which he rattled off communist talking points and the full McDonald's menu front to back from memory for a full thirty minutes. The crowd was enthralled with the power behind his voice, along with the autism oozing from his being, so that even if nobody could understand what he was saying, the tungjei celebrated and informally declared Poptan to be the Supreme Leader... of the people, of course!

Poptan seen with his appointed munitions manager at the celebration of increasing military power.

Official Beginning

On Turn 469, the People's Republic of Makkudonarudo was formally established with a functional base political and economics system and was officially recognized as a state. This was celebrated with the holding of Poptan's most famous speech to date, of which some quotes made its way into Quotations from Chairman Poptan.

On turn 470, the first large-scale agricultural farm was built. Due to the generous exports from allied nations, potatoes were able to be introduced to the farming ecosystem. Poptan claims so this was so they could make their own french fries. Another celebration was held, no speeches but a good time with food and music.

On turn 471, the first ever factory was built. To this day nobody has stepped foot in it...!!!! ヽ(`Д´)ノ

Official flag of the PFA.

Formation of the PFA

The People's Force of Action, also known as the People's Force of Alliance, People's Friendship Alliance, Penis Frotting Association, and Pedophile Faggots with AIDS, is an organization Poptan keeps saying he'll start but hasn't... YET!

Propaganda poster from the beginning of the PRM's conception, circa Turn 470.


The People's Republic of Makkudonarudo follows the ideology of Anime McDonald's Communism and Marxist-Poppuist Thought, two branches of Marxist communism Poptan made up one time when he was reading fringe commie internet forums. It follows the base communist beliefs of workers owning the means of production and the abolishment of a class structure among other things, but it is different in that this version has anime and McDonald's, two things beloved by Poptan. Poptan has gone on record saying he was afraid for revolution as he was wondering if the revolutionary comrades would leave behind anime and McDonald's in its wake, so he decided on making sure this would not happen with the establishment of a new belief system.

It upholds the three key points of Anime McDonald's Communism: Love, Anime, and McDonald's. This is often used as a slogan for the Anime McDonald's Communist Party and represents the three stars on the flag. Followers tend to watch much anime and eat McDonald's from time to time. Since an actual McDonald's has not been built in the PRM, Poptan taught the people how to make food that is vaguely similar to McDonald's, the people seemed to enjoy it so it has kept up. There are also no DVD/Blu-Ray players or VCRs or cable or broadband or computers with internet, so citizens cannot watch anime either. They are relegated to staring at the pictures on the DVD cases.


Here is a list of islands that the People's Republic of Makkudonarudo recognizes and their stance on each of them:

  • Shotacon Island: +5
  • Suigintou Island +4
  • Chuu Island: +3
  • 1129 Cows Island: +2
  • Gensokyo Island: +1
  • Clover Island: +1
  • Nau Heaven Island: +1
  • Republic of Nan Island: +1
  • Secret Island: +1
  • Dnalsi Island: +0
  • Soylent Island: +0
  • Parch Moon Island: +0
  • Iopsd Island: +0
  • Pen Island: +0
  • OS-Tan Shogunate Island: -3
  • Shinobu Island: -4
  • Republic Of Columbine Island: -4