Hachikuji Island

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The flag of Hachikuji Island

Hachikuji Island was an island in the Heyuri Archipelago, they were a member of OTAKU and the reformed AGGRO. The people of Hachikuji island were mostly comprised of loli spirits (often onryou) who took refuge after being exercised from their original haunted territory in a distant land. While Shinto was the most widespread religion on the island, there was also a small minority of those who believed in Lolislam. Thus leading to it becoming a state religion along side Shinto.

Hachikuji Island had a powerful vengeful spirit that could take complete control of the island at any time and command it as she sees. Her foreign policy was extremely aggressive and only existed to fulfill her bloodlust. Her name is evil-hachikuji-san and despises the detestable HAPI for their domination of the archipelago and being archipelago police. After evil-hachikuji-san's bloodlust is sated by the extreme loss of an island's population caused by her commands, she entered a very deep sleep for around 100-turns. During this time the Youkai council takes temporary control of the island and is peaceful. However, evil-hachikuji-san controls leadership from behind the scenes by using her dreams to project herself and whisper plans of destruction into council members' ears. Causing them to unintentionally become more aggressive. Some say all of this was due to her lack of nigra's love.


The wars fought by Hachikuji island are the following:

  • Weezite War I - a war to wipeout weezite because evil-hachikuji-san got bored
  • Weezite War II - continuation of Weezite War I with assistance from PC98 island, Pen Island and Clover island with the goal of subjugation.
  • War of the first coalition