Angel and Upchuck's Friendship

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Angel and Upchuck became friends on Turn 517. As of Turn 524 they are both part of the Berry-Chuck alliance. Upchuck is regularly cucked by nigra chief when he's not looking. <- hell nah nigga you trippin <--- we all know dat u be dick riding on me. <- dawg you wish i was


The feud between AGGRO (specifically Upchuck) and HAPI started many, many turns ago with the Great Upchuckian War (Turn 115~). Not long after, AGGRO was reformed by penman and Upchuck to further oppose HAPI. The hostilities between the two factions only continued, resulting in the largest wars of the archipelago.

On Turn 385, Angel discovered Republican State of Nan Island. I stopped paying as much attention to Hakoniwa during this time, but Angel would go on to ally herself with HAPI, albeit only because Cosmo begged her to so Clover Island could send aid without any BAI worries. The War of the First Coalition began nearly 100 turns after the discovery of the island. During the war, Angel stayed mostly neutral, only firing on pen Island once (with her single missile launcher XD).

In the aftermath of the war, after G Island had sunk and Upchuck moved to Chrono Island, a Sanjira attacked Republican State of Nan Island. Upchuck thought it would be funny to bully Angel and convince her he had sent the monster. This somehow ended with him paying Angel for no reason, and after that, they became friends.

Upchuck doesn't know however, Angel has secretly been an alter ego for Waha since day one. Cosmo has been a lie as well

^ Is this true?

Would the internet lie to you? --Anonwaha (talk) 18:35, 28 January 2024 (UTC)
^ yes ._.